BeastSex 2020 Alejandra - Amor Amazona - That ‘Perfect Girl’, is gone

Alejandra - Amor Amazona - That ‘Perfect Girl’, is gone

Breathe a sigh of relief, our Mexicano Kubrick / Lord Vader (!) ZDT returns after a short break, and none too soon, since some of you good folks been pushing for more Latin lushness, yeah yeah I hear ya Today’s Playmate is Alejandra, a more mature Latina who is interested to try some doggy Magic for the first time. We love our Pet Girls, but Alejandra is no girl, she is most certainly a Woman. A quite powerful, well endowed Lady too, I expect she would eat us all alive.

Connoisseurs of the fairer sex know very well, that in the Art of Love, experience trumps youth. All Ladies are delightful of course. But knowing what a man likes, and what buttons to push to get the desired results – this skill only comes with a little mileage. Today, strong Alejandra is bringing her experience in love, and delivering it direct to lucky Kujo. You should see the look of anticipation on his face as the Lady slips off her panties…

The movie starts out with a nice little chat with Alejandra, what brings her to that doggy door. You can tell she is excited and intrigued by the experiences to come. As the romance begins to happen, Alejandra discovers that her skill as a lover is easily applied to a happy hound. Kujo reacts exactly as the Lady would hope, to her touch. It’s quite funny, in those first few moments, as Kujo starts to respond to her femininity, any minor concerns about being a novice fly straight out the window. You can almost see the Eureka moment as Alejandra thinks to herself “Ah. I got this”.

Trying hard to peel my eyes off that most impressive cleavage – the chemistry between the loving couple is quite evident from the get go. You can always tell when a Lady is truly receptive, and not just pretending. Alejandra got a damp spot for Spot, it seems. Let’s hope Kujo can rise to this challenge, because that is quite an amount of Lady needing to be satisfied. Our Hero got his work cut out for him…

Fortunately – like Puss in Boots – Kujo is also Latin. His powers of romance extend beyond his physical boundaries. He courts the Lady like Zorro might, a little taste of her flower, then kisses her along the neck. Instinct shows Kujo how to excite a Lady, Alexandra reacts positively to his doggy powers of seduction. Seems those buttons push both ways. The Lady is clearly aroused by this afternoons delight, and is keen for nature to take Her course. Again, look closely at the expression of delight as Kujo mounts; unsure what this is going to feel like, our Hero drives home, and Alejandra likes what she feels. I always love that moment – one second, a Lady has a vagina. The next, she has a vagina that has been penetrated by a dog, knows what it feels like to have a dog inside her. And everything that means, within her own personal Universe. Alejandra is digging this. I would be extremely surprised if “how have I not been doing this forever?” did not drift through the Ladys mind. I would also be extremely surprised if this is the last doggylove the Lady brings into her life, one way or another.

Kujo does his thing, conjuring one more Pet Pussy into existence. What a good boy. Ok so, maybe Alejandra thinks he could have been a bit bigger. Well Lady, best to walk before running eh. He is a good size for a Lady in learning – and wait a moment, because you’ve got a hard knot coming right up.

Yes, Kujo absolutely buries that knot in the Ladys very tidy Latin flower. Now it’s time to let that doggy cum flow. Alejandras Lady parts do their job beautifully, Kujo is pumping cum into this vagina like a fireman hosing down a blazing building. Alejandra soaks up the love at a rate to put Sponge Bob to shame, the nectar flowing out of the Lady shows us exactly how much pressurized semen Kujo is injecting into his lover. He’s getting it deep. Another lovely Lady successfully mated. The Lady offers thanks to the dog who took her pet cherry, with a little suck on that sweet red pecker. I guess when all is said and done, for a lover it’s hard to resist that lipstick dipstick.

Round 2 – as predicted, Alejandra has developed a taste for the Wild, because she is already back for more. Only difference, this time the Lady is not the student, she is the Master. Or Maestra. Little details like this are what my house is built on. That 5 minutes ago this lovely Amazon was a blank canvas upon which no doggy had splattered his paint. And now, that canvas is considerably more colourful. The afternoon with Kujo has given the Lady space to redefine her vagine. Now, Alejandra is back, and she knows what she is packing. She spreads her petals for Kujo with a certain amount of pride. Like the A Team – Mother Nature loves it when a plan comes together

Kujo is getting turned on obviously. His lollipop is all shiny. The first time the Lady saw that, she didn’t know how it worked, exactly. Now she is looking at it with different eyes. She knows what that feels like, inside her. She’s looking at it, knowing that’s the dog pecker that flooded her valley with magic. And Alejandra, it seems, has a taste for a little more magic. She’s whispering and cooing sweet sensual nothings at the virile beast, and I’m writing this, feeling, I reckon, like the Lady is feeling for that doggy. Rather eager to reconnect with that Wolf Spirit. And reconnect, She does…

A handful of slightly colour-blind Members complain that our music is stale and formulaic. Yeah, like you are setting the world on fire. To those, I will paraphrase Lord Katsumoto, from Last Samurai. A life spent in search of the perfect blossom is not a life wasted. Because, as He ultimately discovers, they are all perfect. If you’re just seeing a load of flowers, well, more fool you, sorry. Maybe in time you’ll yank that head out yer arse – until then, Us disciples of the Magical Pet Lady, will continue to exist in awe of each perfect snowflake. Tyler did say “You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake”. But he said that to us Chaps, and I hope you were listening. To those that are, I hope you will enjoy seeing Alejandra let it go. And yes, subtitles

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