BeastSex 2020 Mei Ling - Tag Team

Mei Ling - Tag Team


Asian cutepants Mei Ling returns for more hot and raunchy dog fun. The Lady has an action packed session ahead.

Many of you have taken a liking to this Lady, and her development from Pet Noob in New in You, to experienced Pet Girl in K9 State. Mei Ling’s tight lesbian pussy has gone from zero to hero, as far as our boys are concerned. Well, they do have a hand in shaping that pussy in just the right way. Today we’ll throw a bit more doggy at the Lady and see how she gets on.

Mei Ling warms up with the infamous glass dildo. The same dildo that chipped Stray’s tooth when she was going down on our secretary many moons ago. That dildo has really been around the block, today it’s enjoying Mei Ling’s snug sweet sex, the lucky bastard.

With that pussy suitably wet, Mei Ling calls Bullseye over. Mr B immediately goes for the hump, nearly knocking the Lady to the floor. ‘Let me at least get into doggy position‘ (I imagine) Mei Ling thinks to herself. Crawling around on all fours, teasing Bullseye, who clearly intends to pound the Lady’s sex with everything he has. He artfully lifts Mei Ling’s skirt at the back, so he can lap at her goodies.

The Lady gets into position and BAM! He’s humping into her pussy like crazy, her body shaking with each hard thrust. A great position too, a deep wide spread, back arched, really pressing back into the humps. I do believe the dog cock is pushing the Lady’s buttons.

Bullseye and Mei Ling are knotted up, she relaxes as he pours his dog cream into her. Squirt after squirt into the Lady, trickling down over her mound and tummy. That’s a very well-bred Lady. Ms. Mei then gets down to sucking, coaxing the last drops of Bullseye’s jizz from his still-throbbing rocket. 1 dog ejaculation down, but no time to get complacent. Bullseye tags Bear, now it’s Bear’s time to shine.

Bear is the newest boy of the bunch, but he is very well-hung and very into his work. He hops up and and gives the Lady a vigorous seeing-to, sinking a powerful knot inside her. Two ties so far, Mei Ling is doing well. Another deep dose of dog sperm can’t hurt the Lady’s chances of getting pregnant with puppies.

Bullseye doesn’t like the idea of Bear knocking Mei Ling up, so he jumps back in. That’s 3 knots now, 2:1 in favor of Bullseye. Bear has some catching up to do and sinks arguably the hardest knot of the session into Mei Ling. 4 knots, 4 heavy loads, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout. That cute Pet Pussy switching between dogs, Mei Ling has come a long way. Non-stop hard doggy action, have fun with Mei Ling and the Tag Team

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Duration: 00:26:48
Resolution: 1920x1080

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