BeastSex 2020 TigerLily - TigerLily’s First Dance

TigerLily - TigerLily’s First Dance

Asian babe TigerLily learns how to pleasure a big dog the right way

Well Gang, many of you will remember the GloryQuest / MAD videos, with the Japanese Ladies. Those lovely petite Asian Ladies with their tight pussies… and how disappointing it always was that none of those Ladies ever took a real mount. Real Asian natural animal sex videos are the rarest of them all. We thought we would do something about that.

I met TigerLily when I was out walking Animal. She came running over to pet him, and had the sweetest smile. Nice legs too One thing led to another, and before long the Lady had lost her doggy cherry.

This is no small feat, considering how petite TigerLily is. And how quite large Animal is. I explained to the Lady, that dog love is an art form and needs to be learned properly. TigerLily threw herself fully into learning this new interesting art form. She was, and is, very fond of Animal – she said to me “other dogs here – they don’t have like this”.

It took a few sessions before TigerLily learned how to navigate Animal’s cock into her tight little flower. Given his size and power, she had to learn how to not faceplant into the bed too! But learn she did. And before long, Animal and TigerLily were making sweet smooth music together. Animal could not get enough of this Lady.

ILZ was keen to do a bit of movie production, so I asked TigerLily if she was interested in Modelling. She said she was, so the happy trio got to work. TigerLily’s first movie, ILZ’s first solo production – Animal’s first tie deep in an Asian vagina.

We were not sure how the Lady would cope with a tie, her flower really is quite small and tight. But, I showed her some of our earlier movies, explained everything carefully, and she was determined to achieve this skill. Being that petite, and tying with a dog that size, in your first movie – quite an achievement, and quite a tight squeeze. But the fun didn’t stop there.

ILZ reported back, that Animal was halfway to turning the tie during the shooting sessions. So, I jumped into the next session to lend a hand, to see if the little Lady could indeed pull off a full turned tie. Focused as ever, TigerLily did indeed pull it off. A beautiful full turned tie with an Asian Lady – another first as far as I am aware.

TigerLily’s first couple of attempts at a tie were a bit of a shock to the Lady, you can see the tight squeeze in the screens above. At one point, she panicked and asked quietly to “take it out please”. We explained, that it would hurt more to take it out. We calmed the Lady down, told her to relax and wait a little while for Animal’s knot to go down. I reassured her that it wouldn’t take too long. I didn’t count on Animal’s passion for this Lady. We were all there, hanging onto Animal for dear life so he wouldn’t squirm around and hurt the Lady – knot buried hard in TigerLily’s tight pussy – for about 10 minutes!

The good thing about a nice long tie is, of course, the amount of dog cum injected into the Lady’s vagina. A nice flowshot, and the movie was complete. An awesome first effort from all involved.

This movie (and our movies generally) were shot over 5 sessions, in order to get all the right action. A bunch of cameras around the room – overhead, underneath, to the front, back and side – plenty of action, and plenty of views of the action. We have shot further movies with TigerLily, as she continued her training. It’s quite a special little movie, and I hope you enjoy it.

Models: TigerLily with Animal
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