BeastSex 2020 Acadia - Burned With Desire

Acadia - Burned With Desire

Beautiful Russian Pet Lady Acadia has us all burning with desire

Boys and girls, I tell you, you better bring your seats in an upright position and fasten your seatbelts now. Because Dachat is about to take you on a journey to a place where petlove bliss awaits you. It’s a place where supermodels take dog cock up their wet and greedy flowers. A place where all those dreams of beautiful women giving in to the wonderful experience of petlove come true. And a place you would never want to leave again.

So meet Acadia and kneel before her beauty! Honestly, folks, when I saw the first few minutes of this new and shining masterpiece from Dachat it took my breath away. How does he do this? How does he get women that could easily win a modelling contest to exceed their limits and to step over those social conventions to make a wonderful new experience by taking on some dog cock.

The movie starts Dachat style by escorting this blonde masterwork of mother nature to several public places where she does some really naughty things. She takes off her panties in a shopping mall, then buys a big banana and a lollipop in a supermarket and demonstrates to us where she is planning to put those items later while there are people around her doing their chores and shopping groceries not knowing that this girl with the mask is going to take in some serious dog knot later. The next scene is taking place in a remote corridor of the shopping mall.

Acadia got horny by the thought of doing all those naughty things in public and wants to feed her pussy to satisfy it. So she takes out her purchases and stuffs them into her hungry dripping fuckhole. Really folks, I didn’t think I would ever say something like this, but I really got jealous on a banana. Can you believe it? After watching this movie, you will…

Acadia is really comfortable with fucking herself with this fruit.There are some guys passing by but she only laughs and goes on. Her passionate moans echo through the floors while she brings herself to an orgasm. And just to brag a little after this Acadia demonstrates her blowjob and deepthroating skills on the banana. But wait until you see what she can do with the real thing.

Back on the streets after this nice playful episode it is time for a little interview in which we learn that Acadia up to this point is more interested in the money than in doggy cock. Well, let’s just say that she is going to change her opinion later. Finally we have the girl dressed up in lingerie in the apartment and ready for the action. To fight her nervousness she fingers her little treasure chest and gets it ready for her furry lover. She only just got down on all fours when doggy jumps the scene and immediately humps her. Who would blame him? Acadia is completely surprised and overwhelmed by the feeling of a fully erect dog cock ramming in and out her precious little flower.

The look on her face when he hits the spot is just priceless. But her intimate parts adapt well to the unknown intruder and soon she starts to enjoy the strange feeling. Especially when the knot stretches her hole and she feels the pulsating prick pumping dog sperm deeply into her womb. Her little pussy is stretched to the maximum by doggy’s member and every time he moves a bit, our lady starts to scream and squirm.

I would recommend you to turn your volume low because Acadia enjoys her experience very loudly. And when the knot comes out its tight prison her ecstatic screams provide the rhythm in which her pussy quivers and pushes out the animal semen to the floor.

Well you can tell that Acadia got more than she bargained for. But she is not done with this yet. Only her poor little flower needs a little break. So she takes the still squirting red prick that filled her so well between her lips and starts sucking. And everything she did to the banana she shows now with a dog cock, ramming this thing deep into her throat until she gags. Since the lady is a gourmet she collects some of the tasty liquid and shows it to the camera before drinking down the salty cum.

Then after a little bit of kissing and licking it’s time to end round one. But Dachat wouldn’t be Dachat if there wasn’t a little bonus round after the main course. This time the lady Is already more comfortable with the fat dog cock in her womb. She is much more able to enjoy it. Again she is demonstrating her oral skills. And this lady is really thirsty for dog semen.

She collects some mouths full of the white stuff and – being the nice girl she is – shows them to us before gulping them down. In the end, Dachat threw in some outtakes as a little extra. I liked them because they gave an impression of how nervous Acadia must have been before her first dog cock. She took it like a champ. Congratulations Acadia! I don’t know if anyone got to this point of my synopsis without buying the video. But if you did: What are you waiting for? Contact support and place your order. Now.

Producer: Dachat
Scene: Burned With Desire
Models: Acadia with Gunner

File: mp4
Size: 1890 MB
Duration: 00:34:40
Resolution: 1920x1080

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