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Aiumy getting dirty while sucking this K9's cock.
She performs a softcore session as she plays with her pussy and licks her dildo.
Ayumi can be claimed as "Best Ass of Zoo Porn"
Unfortunately she has gone through a period of extreme weight loss.
But now as this pic proofs she's out of that dark moment of her life Aiumy
Aiumy is a half-Japanese model that stars in different bestiality sites. The most noticeable thing about her is her long blond hair, which I guess is her best asset. And because of her golden hair, you wouldn't know that she has a Japanese blood flowing through her veins, unless you look at her almond-shaped eyes. Her piercings are also noticeable. Apart from her accessories in the ears, she also has one in the left eye brow and right side of the nose. She maintains this silver accessories and never seem to change it in her other video appearance. She also has a tattoo on her tummy and a piercing in the navel.

Her body looks average. She has a smooth-looking skin, tight ass, full breasts, and fleshy round buttocks. However, some should find her unattractive. Yeah, her body has nice curves, yet some wouldn't find her sexy.Maybe it's the fusion of Japanese and Brazilian blood not all people would like.

She looks like she's inured with the whole bestial banging. But, you could still sense some spots of disgust in her.Pople could note on her facial expression that she sometimes she looks like she's about to puke during her dog blow job.Some guess shes doing this for the money. On the other hand she's got credit for her hardcore performance. Even if she's actually not into bestiality, she still manages to show extreme barn banging.
Another thing that characterizes her is that there's a dog who's very much attracted to her legs.

Out Of The Business
Aiumy is not going to make any animal sex movie,maybe forever.
She's taken with her new European boyfriend

From BeastWiki

PERFORMER AKA : Britney Smith, Britney Jones, Ayume, Ayumi, Britney Queers, Brytney, Aiumy, Aiumy Sunshine, Yoko, Britney Brazil, Aiumy Sunshine


YEARS ACTIVE : 2005-2018

ETHNICITY : Asian/Latin



TATTOOS : Flower right belly (2006); Tiger's head left belly (2006); Right shoulder blade (2006)

PIERCINGS : Below navel (earlier); Navel (later); Left eyebrow (earlier); Right nostril (later); Tongue (earlier)

Porn Studios : Explicita Video, Combat Zone, Evil Angel, newmfx.com, Channel 69, Third World Media, WOW Pictures, MFX Video,

grooby.com, As Panteras, Introduction Digital Video, Studio Martis B.V., DVSX, Sexsites Video Producoes, Explicita Video, Sexmedia,
HardSexy, BFI.


Aiumy - 4 Bi 4

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Aiumy - Animal Sex PornStar - Extreme Porn Scenes

Aiumy - 100 Vadia

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Aiumy - Animal Sex PornStar - Extreme Porn Scenes

Aiumy - A Diarista Parte 2

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Aiumy - Animal Sex PornStar - Extreme Porn Scenes
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