BeastSex 2020 Ariel - Chosen for Tommy

Ariel - Chosen for Tommy

In this movie, I want to introduce you to my new lover, Tommy. We have spent a lot of time practicing. I bought him when he was young. I’m the only female with whom he’s had sex since the beginning. Now he’s a perfect lover, very dominant, strong and ready to make movies. He awakens my wild passion, which wants to be dominated. When I approach him, he is the one who leads the way. I enjoy it very much, because he suits me in every way. Every time I approach him, even while I feed him, I can feel the animal instinct that I have in me.

We started the game. I like to get excited before I enter his place. I like to watch him, imagining what he will do to me. I have to be outside the box, because as soon as I get in, he starts humping me, not giving me to rest, not even for a moment.

So it was. As soon as I entered, he started sniffing me, showing his desire for my pussy. I had to stand, because if I got down, he would immediately start humping me. His long, thin dick always tries to find the way to my pussy. I enjoy it, because I really love to feel his strength on my back. It shows me how small I am and I have to stay silent until he empties his huge balls into me.

He found his spot and began to dig through me with his dick. It’s a special feeling when I feel his long, thin dick swirling in me. Someone would think that it takes a long, thick dick to satisfy a woman, but it’s not like that. His thin dick provokes a wave of excitement in my pussy.

As it swirls and empties the balls, it touches every part of my inside. I quickly felt that my pussy was full of sperm, which slowly started to drip. I always want to keep everything in me, but the amount was large. It was enough for me to make a small body movement and the sperm would already find a way out.

The first time he pulled his dick out of me, but he conquered me again the second time. He stabbed his long dick and started to swirl it again. He put it in all the way, and I felt it breaking my pussy and adding a new amount of sperm into it. I couldn’t move. I had to stay silent and wait for his mating instinct to be gone. I enjoy it very much when I give my body to him. It really excites me to be his female that has to bear his strength.

When he finished his session, I let his hot sperm get out of my pussy. It all splattered out. I let it drip out of me. I waited for everything to get out of me, rubbing my pussy. After that, I called the name of my dear Sam. I had to finish the game with his dick. He is my loyal dog that faithfully waits, because he knows he will get what belongs to him. My Sam is a huge dog.

I’m really sorry that he can’t conquer my body and push his dick all the way into me, so that my pussy would be completely filled with that beautiful canine dick. But his dick gives me special pleasure. He is fantastic for my lips. Whenever I see the size of his dick, I’m delighted. I love to have it in my mouth and I love the taste of his sperm. I enjoy those moments of ours. I pushed his dick into my throat voraciously, feeling his sperm spritzing into it. I was caressing his big balls and greedily sucking them. I was satisfied by two males that knew what a woman needed.

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