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It was another enjoyable meeting. Ronny was extremely excited for what he was sure he would get. Finally, it was time for him to show his love skills.

He came in all excited and immediately began to lick my pussy. I always really like it when that happens, because no one can give me such pleasure like he does. His tongue, a little rough, is the most enjoyable thing I’ve felt. My pussy immediately starts to go wet from that touch. Slowly I got up and showed him my butt. He excitedly started walking around me. I always know how to make him crazy with excitement. I put on some panties that he didn’t know how to take off. He felt my panties bothered him, and badly wanted me to take them off as soon as possible.

After several attempts to hump me, I allowed him to briefly put his beautiful cock in my pussy. I felt his sperm starting to drip from me. I quickly moved away from him. He, of course, licked everything from my pussy and was very excited again. I teased him. I didn’t let him have me again. After every rejection, he kept trying again and again. I took scissors and cut a thin strip of my panties. Then he realized he would soon have me whole.

The last attempt and he was in me. Finally he conquered my body and his cock was all stuck in me. I felt his sperm spraying deep into my pussy. I felt jets of hot liquid flowing out of me to my pussy and my stomach. It was throbbing in me, causing incredible pleasure. I hammered on to it, because I wanted him to enter me as deep as possible. But there was no more room, although I had a feeling that there were thousands of fireworks in my pussy because of the heat that I felt.

I started to play in my favorite way. I pushed enough to partially throw out his knot. The knot came out halfway, and I pushed it back into me. And I kept doing that. Every time, I want to prolong the pleasure as much as possible. I want to suck everything out of it. I want his sperm to still drip out of me when I wake up the next morning. With each ejection, jets of his sperm sprayed from me. Until he finally got out me and stopped the satisfaction that my pussy felt.

My stomach was all wet, and so were my pussy and thighs, down which his sperm poured. He stayed beside me still squirting, and his big dick was dangling in front of my pussy. I let him lick everything, and then I gently kissed his dick. I always finish it in that way, thanking him for another wonderful excitement and another highlight of our satisfaction. He had me, and I him, and we are a couple who knows how to show their passion, and I adore him for that.

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