BeastSex 2020 Arion - Screaming Art - Some beautiful Russian Petlove Art to spark up your Heart

Arion - Screaming Art - Some beautiful Russian Petlove Art to spark up your Heart

I’m sure most of you know already. For those that do not, a quick history lesson. Once upon a time, Art was Art. Art is not fashion or fad – Art is simply expression. Birds express themselves in dance, colour and sound, plants, with flowers of colour and scent. Humans express themselves in an infinite variety of ways, and this expression, is Art. Whether it be the technical mastery of the Mona Lisa, a steamy Tango, or a spray can tag on a tenement wall. It’s all Art.

In Victorian times they dug up Pompeii, and discovered how people lived back then. Sex, was as much part of everyday life as eating and sleeping. It was celebrated, as it should be, since it’s the 1 thing that makes us all One People. But Victorians were a bit weird, and religious. So when they dug up the infamous sculpture of Pan fucking a goat (note: making animal porn THE original porn!) – this did not really sit well with their nonsense Victorian Christian ethical values.

This Art, would not sit well with the Vicar back home. So what they did, was to place Art depicting erotic themes into a specific category of its own – the invention of Pornography. ‘Porno Graphi’ basically means “the Writings of Whores”. Charming. Where once, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and all the rest, were happily painting naked men, women and children – now, this was considered obscene. Paint a naked child these days you’ll end up in prison. Way to go, world.

Art falling into the category of Pornography, was not to be shown to the general public. Victorian do-gooders believed it would get us Peasants all hot under the collar, and we wouldn’t want people enjoying themselves now, would we. So, pornographic Art was locked away, in cabinets, belonging to “Civilized” people; scholars and such. To “Study” at their leisure. And of course, by “Study”, we mean fap, like it was going out of fashion. Because scholars get boners too. Us Peasants, were not allowed to see it. Those sneaky no-good scholars kept the fapping all to themselves. And the made-up term “Pornography”, remains with us until this day. With all it’s ridiculous negative connotations…

Well You can stick that up your arse. With ArtOfZoo we took a firm stance re. returning erotic Art to it’s rightful place in the spectrum of artful expression. Other Artists, may not like this – well, if our Art is more interesting to people than yours, that’s your problem. I studied Fine Art at Uni, I can paint and sculpt as well as the next skilled Artists. But, yawn, eh – we’ve taken the Road Not Taken. Picasso himself, said that real Art is never chaste. Maybe try not passing off 3 stripes of paint on a canvas for $300k, and just perhaps folks won’t look at you like you are a fucking greedy pretentious moron. Our Art, kicks a serious amount of ass – deal with it. Join the party, for fucks sake. Or fuck off, we don’t care either way.

Also bearing in mind – Art being short for Arthur – without Art, there would be no Artful Dodger, no Arthur C. Clarke; no Knights of the Round Table, and no Joker.

So, then, to the Lady du Jour, Arion. A beautiful young Russian Pet Lady, bursting with expression and ready to show the world her dance. And dance, she does. Arion is hypnotically cute – not in a patronizing way, the Ladys baby face is just super cute and would wrap most us chaps around Her finger in a heartbeat. Like a petite, perfect China Russian Doll. With Her shapely body as canvas – dog cock as paintbrush, dog nectar as paint, and rebellion as Her message – Arions dance is Screaming Art, literally. If you can’t see it, I’m pretty sure there’s something a bit wrong with you. Might want to get that looked at.

Now folks, this Little Lady is dancing, and She is putting her heart and soul into it. There is acting, then there is feeling. Arion, much like her namesake Orion, is set in stone. Sparkling for us, and fuck me does the Lady Sparkle. I really, really love a Lady who takes Her Art seriously. She knows why She is there. She knows what She has to do. And my goodness, heart and soul in this performance. Arion will dance this dance beautifully, and the Lady nails it. You can almost feel Her energy squeezing through your screen, you’ll see what I mean. Pupils dilated, everything engorged that should be engorged. This Lady Garden is lush verdant, and fucking ripe for Her Hero. And sweet love is made. Sucking, fucking, man if I could bottle that energy I could power a small town no troubles.

The Lady, being a new Lady and all, does not quite manage to get a full knot. It’s a first date, I don’t think it’s necessary. Lady, you dance with Wolves like that, a knot is a sliver away. Next time

In conclusion Gang. Hot Russian Babe totally hot for doggy and giving it her all. Wow, really. Like a Boss. That, is how you play that Pet Music. I will leave you good people to be entranced by the Lady as I am. Spellbound. You Pet Ladies gonna be the death of me I’m sure… but who fucking wants to live forever? Great work you groovy Russian people. Please never stop… by the looks of things you are speeding up? Tomorrow here we come. Enjoy the very delightful Arion in Her first dance. Doggy surely did

Models: Arion with Troop
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