BeastSex 2020 AuntieWet - You Are Experienced

AuntieWet - You Are Experienced

Climb into my parlor, inexperienced one

You would think, after all these years, I would have some idea what you Folks like. Still, you continue to surprise me with your many varied pleasures. It’s no surprise really – as there are an infinite number of different people, so then there is an infinite spectrum of tastes. Different shades, different ages, different sizes – when it comes to love, the choices are many. Which is great, because it would be some kinda dull old world if we all liked the same thing – despite what ‘Dur Man‘ would prefer us to like.

Gawd if that chap looks any more like Napoleon Dynamite he should start paying royalties. That fucken moron has the nerve to claim animal sex, for example, is ‘a crime against nature‘, while at the same time having absolutely no grasp of Mrs. Nature, and her workings. Please. I don’t like to be mean, but hey – the ‘Corona epidemic’ is nothing compared to the epidemic of stupid people in power. Well, have no fear – previous generations invariably die, making way for new more enlightened generations who are not quite so d-dum-da-dumb…

Auntie knows this. That star-dazzled, spangly juicy honey rabbithole minds her own business. Today, Auntie’s lovemuffin has a checkbox to check – yes, it’s doggytime. I can’t shake the feeling that Auntie has been waiting for this particular date for some time. A date with some colour, and some depth. Some scope. Because when she was a child, she talked like a child, thought like a child, reasoned like a child. Then She became Woman, and childish stuff wasn’t cutting it. No Lego for this Lady, there are no sharp pointy corners on a cock…

The Lady is quickly reminded that sharp and pointy does have it’s moments. So that’s how it works, I can do this. And onto sweet lullabyes as Tango Tangos her into a state of divine doggy bliss. Auntie didn’t think it would feel quite like that, but it’s a nice problem to have. A whole load of dog surging up into her has Auntie humming fervently, like a Buddhist bell…

Like Paul, this is something she could easily get into. Her body goes to work, doing its thing. That vagina thing, ya know? Feels a bit like a monorail must feel when the power comes on. Kinda sticky wet warm magnetic floaty pleasure – you Ladies are really missing out. That’s some good shit. Auntie knows where her magic lay, and she quickly adopts this new kind of loving as Tango squirts his milky juice into her soul…

Experience has the advantage that you can take a knot like you were built for it. Which essentially, the Lady is. Doesn’t that thing fit so very nicely in the Lady? I think we can all applaud that union, knowing all the boys she’d been with before have to match up to this. Auntie wonders where this has been all her life? She asked me to type a bit more quietly, so she could focus on the twitches inside her…

Goodness, you complete me. Auntie knows that something that made her feel so good has to taste good too. It’s different – not bad, but while she is there, our Hero appears to still be cumming. An experienced Lady knows how to synchronize her lovemaking with him, and so mimics her vagina with those lipstick red lips. Tango is delighted, splashing warm jets of thanks across Auntie’s tonsils. She’s not quite ready to drink yet, you know a Lady never swallows dog cum on a first date. Got to add to the mystique…

Second sesh, now Auntie really is experienced. Mounts and knots flow smoothly like warm honey. Tango likes his new friend. She felt so good the first time, and she remembered just what to do. Experience, you just have to live it. That chunk of dog cock nestled inside her gets Auntie wetter than she ever thought possible. Next time that Pet Pussy moistens, and that urge to feel so vigorously humped swings upon her, she knows who to call…

Yes Gang, before you can play the blues, you need a little mileage. And being a Russian Lady, feels surprisingly at home with a red rocket. Another Lady hooked on good doggy loving, not a day will go by when she doesn’t think back to that first time she did it with a dog. Don’t you wish you had an auntie like Auntie? I’ll expect you do. We haven’t had many aunties around lately, which I guess makes AuntieWet our wettest auntie yet? You decide – but don’t take too long, because opportunities like this don’t roll round every day.

*Some of you are eager for the next movie, so I will publish this without the precise minutes – ILZ will add them in the morning, giving you plenty of time to soak up a bit of our new very wet Auntie.

Scene: You Are Experienced
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