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Blonde Czech girl and her horse

Rebecca is a blonde Czech girl that studies in Prague. Rebecca studies to become a nurse and is missing two years. Rebecca loves horse and enjoyed making this movie during her vacation in Hungary. Rebecca likes boys as well, but does not skip a chance to have some fun and make some easy money....

Gabriela does full penetration

Gabriela is a brazillian hot blooded girl that loves sex. "Sex for me is a beautyful thing and I enjoy to do it as often as possible. I like men, women and animals. Here ins Brazil it is not a sin to love animals and I don't think it should be in Europe or USA either..." It sounds like us Europeans and Americans has alot to learn from these open minded Brazilians :)

2 girls share a horse

Lea and Sofia has shared dogs before for our camera, but this time it should be a horse they agreed. This movie really turned us on. Seeing to petite teenagers touching, licking and sucking a horse really made us all very excited and it was difficult to actually keep the camera still doing this movie. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it....

Rosa gets penetrated

Rosa is a 32 year old bestiality fan the especially loves horses. Getting penetrated by a horse is a feeling like nothing else says Rosa after this movie. Horses cocks has a rather large "head" which touches me exactly the right place inside me....It makes me cum EVERY time after a very short time.....I just love it..

Marta and Ilona does a horse

Marta and Ilona did this lesbian scene with a horse for us just a few weeks ago. I personally love Martha, she is such a hot girl and seeing her with this horse was a personal fantasy for me for some time. I seen her get fucked by a dog, but her getting penetrated by a real horse cock was just soo damn HOT....

Theresa gets a mouthfull

Theresa really gets a mouthful in this movie. This horse simply shoots its load right into her mouth without any kind of warning. It was of course a surprise for Theresa when all this horse cum just filled her mouth within a second or two. Enjoy this movie and the major cumshot :)

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Duration: 06:41:41
Resolution: 640x480

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