BeastSex 2020 Chronika - Dogging Out

Chronika - Dogging Out

“We wanna be free, to do what we wanna do – and we wanna dog out!”

Introducing Chronika, a slim and hip Russian Goth Lolita. Out and about, with time on her hands, you know how it is when you’re young Question is, how to fill those moments that make up an otherwise dull day? Well, how about taking a dog? It’s certainly something to think about. Having thought about it, the answer is clear. When you’ve done the tattoos and piercings thing, where do you go from there? The Boss of all piercings, naturally – to have one’s vagina deeply pierced by a lusty dog. Chronika finds she is getting more aroused the more she is thinking about it…

The movie begins with some outdoor scenes. Folks not understanding the outdoor scenes – all these years we’ve kept the pet music behind closed doors. So the whole ‘pet girls in public’ thing is a bold step. We’ve all seen movies with a touch of outdoors stuff, but not like this. Like her Russian Pet Sisters, Chronika proudly parades her pussy through the streets, oblivious to the passers-by. The Lady is excited at the prospect of feeling a dog cock inside her. She can’t wait to head back, and get down to business…

Chronika is not a ‘classical beauty’ – she’s quite a grunge chick, I know some of you don’t like tattoos. Don’t know why, tattoos are the first thing I look for when hunting for Pet Ladies Chronika does have a cute, cheeky naughtiness that’s appealing, looking like a young Mia Farrow or Joan Greenwood – she can’t be much more than 20. That youthful curiosity makes for a sincere performance throughout, those ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ are legit. That tight young vagina is looking pretty dog-ready too, Gunner can’t wait to get up close and personal…

This is early Dachat, I believe maybe even his first movie. As such, the cameras not quite as great – the production not quite perfect (hence the price for this movie). This is Dachat before a bit of experience, and some coaching. ILZ asks me to point out, proper coaching does make a huge difference to the quality of movies. We’ve coached many, with great results. We like working with Producers who are keen to improve their work and make excellent movies, Dachat is an excellent example…

When it’s time to get into Chronika, Gunner mounts hard – living up to his name as always. The way the Lady guides his cock inside her, we’d be forgiven for thinking this isn’t her first time. If it isn’t, she shows some talent for dog loving. With that hard dog cock sinking over and over into her slick sex, it isn’t long before our Hero buries a fat knot where it counts…

It’s our ‘pet theory’ that all Ladies vaginas are tailor made for dog dick, Chronika’s is no exception. That tight young sex grips Gunner’s knot and goes to work drawing the jizz out of him. The soft wet flesh keeps him prisoner until he’s filled her up.

It’s a great tie, Chronika’s snugness, coupled with Gunner’s big knot, keep all the jizz where it belongs, and ensure that the Lady’s insides get a good soaking. When Gunner finally pulls out, all the dog juice flows out like a drinking fountain – a terrific flowshot, and a LOT of dog cum…

Gunner is still rocking after mating the young Pet Girl. No hard dog cock should go to waste, so the Lady gives him a good going-over with her mouth. When she sucks the dog cock, she means it – after all, if you’re going to have sex with a dog, you might as well have ALL the sex with a dog. Sucking on that dog cock with his seed still fresh in her vagina, Chronika intends to be the complete Doggybitch today…

After she’s been well dogged, Chronika is glowing with post-mating bliss. She tongue kisses Gunner, and seems surprised at her own inhibition. Absolutely nothing wrong with adding a touch of romance to your doggy loving…

The movie has several scenes shot over a couple of days, I counted at least 2 mounts, maybe 3 depending on how it’s edited. There’s an interview added so we can hear the Lady’s thoughts on being a Dog Girl. Not a perfect movie, but no first movie ever is. Still, a fun movie with good solid action.

Chronika takes the dog as we’d hope any good Pet Girl would – balls deep into her young pussy. The Lady’s delight at all these new experiences is nice to see. Who knew you could have so much fun with a dog? Now Chronika has something to fill those dull afternoons – hopefully she will tell all her young friends and make petfun more cool than it already is. In the mean time, enjoy Chronika and some good hard dogging out

Producer: Dachat
Scene: Dogging Out
Models: Chronika with Gunner
Language: Russian (English subtitles)
File: mp4
Size: 1910 MB
Duration: 00:36:16
Resolution: 1920x1080

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