BeastSex 2020 DevoteHuendin - Take Three

DevoteHuendin - Take Three

In Dog Fucking, Three Into One Does Go…

We really do spoil our Ladies sometimes. While there are Pet Ladies out there desperately craving a dog cock – ANY dog cock – here, lucky Devote has 3 hounds lining up for her love. Can DV handle this canine queue? Well, we’ve seen DV dog fucking with a powerful rottie in Hound Habit – and we’ve seen her having sex with a boar in Mr Pig Stuff. A 3-dog afternoon should be no trouble for this dedicated Pet Lady…

DV fans will know that the name DevoteHuendin means dog submissive, or dog devotee – in short, a Lady who has dedicated herself to dog fucking. Lots of Ladies admire and enjoy the dog cock, but it’s another thing entirely to actually devote yourself – mind, body and soul – to sex with dogs. I’d suggest that a Pet Guy’s attraction to a Pet Lady, is directly related to how very into the dog cock a Pet Lady is. Interesting stuff

DV doesn’t always fuck dogs – sometimes she pleasures other animals. Still, dogs are closest to her heart, and to that nice Pet Pussy. They fit the Lady so perfectly. And when the Lady is dog fucking, she wants to feel satisfied. So, today, we have lined up 3 dogs for the Lady – hopefully, 3 dogs pouring their potent love into her might help her get a dogsex buzz on…

Bullseye is first in line, this guy is no stranger to getting off in Ladies. Bullseye is not always easy to work with, some Pet Ladies struggle to get his cock inside. Devote really knows her way around a dog cock, though, and soon guides him in. Hot at the prospect of so much dog cock to look forward to, DV’s pussy is super-wet with Lady dew – Bullseye slips into her slick sex very smoothly, knot-and all. Locked up hard, Bullseye lets go and injects the first dose of dog cum into DV’s very deserving vagina…

Bullseye pulls out, and DV finishes him off expertly, with her mouth – she is not a Lady to leave an erect dog cock go to waste, especially while there is still dog cum to drink. Caught up in the moment, Devote sucks and drinks while playing with her pussy. All that dog cum inside her is having an exciting effect, but there is still a lot more to cum.

Gunther is up next – an older doggy, but there is life in the old dog yet. Keen to satisfy the Lady (and himself), he mounts and takes her vagina. It’s a big cock, he wants to show DV what he is made of – the Lady is not disappointed and accepts each inch with enthusiasm…

It’s not quite clear if Gunther knots DV in this scene – he is standing right on the undershot cam! It looks like he got a knot in at one point.

It’s a quick hump, but the important thing here is 2 dog cocks, and 2 dog cum loads. Cum from 2 different dogs is now flowing into DV’s vagina. What Gunther lacks in stamina, he makes up for with a big cock, and plenty of dog juice for the Lady to suckle on. DV does a great job with that cock, and gets all the cum. The Lady is filling up nicely…

DV is ready for dog fuck #3. More than ready – that nice Pet Pussy is still overflowing with sperm from the previous 2 studs, so you know any dog cock will slip into the Lady with ease.

The Bullseye and Gunther double-team is a hard act to follow for a doggy. Shadow has some proving himself to do, but he clearly means to make his mark. Time to pull out that dogsex bag of tricks. Before he gets to work on that pussy – since the Lady has suckled on dog cum, her vagina pumped with dog cum – Shadow points out that DV’s ass has seen no love thus far. He points this out with his penis, and slips the Lady a quick knot in her bum – much to DV’s surprise!

Next trick in the bag, something we have not seen for a while – missionary! Lovely missionary, my fave. Some folks imagine that it’s more submissive to get fucked from behind, like a dog. But, what if you are actually fucking a dog? Does the opposite then apply? Maybe – since, in doggystyle, a Lady has all kinds of ways to dodge that dog cock. She can dip forward, backward, lean or tilt her hips. In missionary, the Lady is going nowhere – her legs spread, her vagina open and ready for the taking. DV knows this, and spreads her legs wide, ready for Shadow to do his thing.

It’s a quick scene, but always great to see. There is a nice bit as Shadow is dog fucking DV in missionary, where he tongue-smooches her as he pumps into her vagina. This is one smooth doggy…

Content with his ‘special techniques’, NOW it’s time to really work that pussy. All 4’s, hard doggystyle, and slicing through that soft slick Pet Pussy like a dream. Slipping a knot into DV’s vagina, Shadow finally adds his cream to the potent wave of dog sperm currently surging through the Lady. Good boy!

3 lusty hounds satisfied during 3 dog fuck sessions – 3 loads of dog cum flowing into each of DV’s 3 holes. A 3-dog day certainly takes the edge off that canine desire. Hound-handled, scratched up and pumped full – yes, the Lady worked hard to get that triple loving… join DV in her dog duties, as she loves pet, after pet, after pet – THAT is what a pussy was made for. Have fun

Scene: Take Three
Producer: ILZ
Models: DevoteHuendin with Bullseye, Gunther & Shadow
File: mp4
Size: 2010 MB
Duration: 00:40:37
Resolution: 1920x1080

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