BeastSex 2020 Dina - Sub Ways

Dina - Sub Ways


…get kinda chilly around this time of year. The Russian folks combat the cold by wearing fur. But this is Russia. As you know, sometimes – and increasingly often – ‘In Mother Russia, the fur wears you‘. And that is exactly what Dina has in mind today.

Dina is submissive, so there’s a taste of domination to this movie. DaChat is perplexed that Dina’s pussy has never been enjoyed by a dog. A firm pussy spanking is in order, punishment for this heinous oversight. Naturally, Tango is at hand to get Dina’s pussy back on track.

Appropriate discipline applied, Dina’s pussy is wet and ready for her first dog. Tango is ready to ride the sub way, and quickly buries his red bone in that sweet pink pussy. Dina takes a hard mount and a big knot as wonderfully as her other Russian sisters. 2 ties in fact.

Dina finishes Tango off with a deep dog suck, whilst wearing her doggy lovescratches with pride. A reminder to all, that as fluffy and cuddly as hounds are, they are wild animals at heart and you’re occasionally going to get scratched.

There’s no particularly gallant way of saying the following, so I’m just gonna out and say it. Dina is a touch on the masculine side. She is very slim and flat-chested, and from certain angles, you may be forgiven for thinking that Dina is perhaps not a Lady at all.

Have no fear, one look at that nice perfectly formed vagina will convince you that the Lady is indeed 100% Lady – if not a touch androgynous. Well, there’s somebody for everybody. Tango doesn’t mind, as far as he is concerned good Pet Pussy is good Pet Pussy, and a joy forever. Still, I thought I’d better mention it, you’ll give me a hard time if I don’t

It’s a nice movie with a ruff edge – DaChat, Dina and Tango all do a great job, and another Lady successfully mated. When does it end? When the job is done, that’s when.

Enjoy Tango enjoying Dina, and those sub ways

Models: Dina
Scene: Sub Ways
File: mp4
Size: 1060 MB
Duration: 00:36:36
Resolution: 1920x1080

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