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BeastSex 2020 Duna - Mama Luba

Duna - Mama Luba



…from a short break – and gets back to rocking those Russian Pet Ladys’ worlds. This episode, with some new friends. Introducing the lovely Duna, experiencing her first time with a dog.

Duna is quite striking, with quartz eyes and the biggest smile this side of the Volga. Dolled up in lingerie and pawprints, and eager for that first time.

Now, considering how yummy all these Russian beauties are, the layperson might imagine that these Ladies are only interested in the money. And it’s true, Ladies from that corner of the world can be a touch on the practical side. Well, Russia can be a cold, hard place, so it’s no surprise.

Still, Russian Ladies are still Ladies. They have all the right Lady parts, in all the right places – they also have all the same Lady urges and Lady instincts.

I’d remind readers, that if a Lady isn’t into sex with dogs, then no amount of money will result in a great performance. We got into this biz by showcasing REAL Pet Ladies – Ladies with a taste for dog love. And re. that arena – lovely svelte Duna fits right in. Duna is REALLY hot for dogs – and the Lady can’t hide it. Her pussy is dripping wet from the get-go, and that’s just from being in the same room with a dog…

It’s not always easy – but it’s great when we manage to give a Lady the experience she so desires. Duna is so enthusiastic about dogsex, that she even wrote her own synopsis! So I will hand you over to the Lady, and let her tell you about it in her own words…

“So it all started from porn, my husband and I enjoyed watching animal porn and having sex after this. But, as you already understood, we wanted to bring it to life.

I didn’t thought, that my first sex would happen on camera, and was a little worried, but my desire was stronger than fear. Most of all I wanted to feel the dog’s cock in me when I was connected with him, it excited me insanely, and the fact that I do this, just fact that I was being fucked by a dog, turned me on and I got wet. And knowing that my beloved husband would look at this, I was even more excited.

But not everything turned out to be so simple. When I met the dog, he immediately realized that he would fuck me and was very excited he just needed to fuck me at that moment. And I had no experience and did not know how to do it all.

After we got guidance from the professionals, we started. After playing a little with the dog, I got into a sex position, and he pounced on me and began to scratch my back and sides with his paws. And it was not very pleasant, since I do not like pain. He entered me and began to fuck me, and then, although it hurt me a little, I was glad that his penis was cumming inside me. And here is his cock in me, it happened. I didn’t hold the knot for a long, but I liked it.

I felt the warmth of his cock and the pressure of hot cum and it was cool! The second time we put shoes on our dog’s paws, and the second time he fucked me even better, his penis entered me even deeper and my pussy accepted it with joy.

The most thrill is his hot sperm, he came into me a lot and when I let him go, the sperm flowed out of me. I sucked his cock with joy. I realized that when I caress the tip of his penis with my tongue, the dog feels good and he starts squirting more And in the end, I can say that I will continue such experiments, it was cool!!!! In the future, we will get ourselves a dog, which we will accept into our family, which we will love and enjoy pleasant moments!”

It seems Tango got Duna hooked on doggy – marvelous! Here’s hoping we see more of Duna as she continues deeper on her dog journey. Enjoy the Lady’s first time – it’s a peach

Scene: Mama Luba
Models: Duna
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Size: 2150 MB
Duration: 00:30:22
Resolution: 1920x1080

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