BeastSex 2020 Honey - Bewitched! - Christmas elf Honey has all the magic Animal needs!

Honey - Bewitched! - Christmas elf Honey has all the magic Animal needs!

A little Christmas magic, with sexy pet newbie Honey. Honey is our first new Lady since relocating our production back to Europe. Animal had his fill of Asian delights, and was ready for some European fare.

A Ladys first time with a dog is always a special time, you only need to ask the Ladies on our network. You never forget your first time – and you never forget your first time with a dog either! We’ve been producing pet movies for a long time, and during that time it’s always fascinating to see each Ladies special personal magic, as she enters this new world. Every Lady is different – every Lady has imagined it differently, and is expecting something unique to her. As such, every Ladys approach is slightly different. Some Ladies are shy and nervous, and take their first time quite hard. Other Ladies are more confident, and take to dog love like a pet to pussy.

Honey has never had sex with a dog before. And yet, the Lady brings her own style of magic to the proceedings – hence the title. It’s said, that certain parts of Europe are full of witchcraft and magic. Well, Honey pulls a little something out of the bag that we haven’t seen before – doggy hypnosis, it seems. Where some Ladies are not familiar with pets, don’t know how to push them off or control them properly, and end up getting dragged squealing around the set by a horny dog – Honey is in complete control. Animal wants to jump all over this Lady. But Honey is not quite ready for him, she needs to take off her panties first. Animal insists he can fuck around the panties. With a wave of her finger, Animal complies 100%. It’s quite funny to see – Animal is not sure if the Lady is magical, but he is taking no chances. He reverses, and waits for the Lady to prepare herself for his amorous intentions.

What is particularly endearing about Honey quite literally ‘wrapping Animal around her finger’, is the Ladys reaction each time our Hero complies with her wishes. She gives a little wry smile, as if to say ‘Yeah, I know you want this. But you are gonna have to WAIT a goddam minute”. It’s a charming quirk, and one of my favorite bits to this movie. It’s kinda horny to see a Lady expressing her ‘inner bitch’ and staying in control – after all, in the wild, a Lady doggy doesn’t take any shit either. Then, it’s been said that BITCH stands for ‘Being In Total Control of Him’ – something Animal knows all about, after this movie

We have a bit more than magic going on here of course. Honey is kinda easy on the eye, and Animal is an experienced doggy, who hasn’t been with a European Lady for quite some time. Now he wants to give the Lady a little taste of his own magic, and his red wand is always to hand. And Honey has just the place for him to put it.

Honeys technique is first rate for someone who has never had sex with a dog in her life, it seems the Lady is a natural. Animal mounts, and slips into that delightful pink vagina. Honey is new, so the lovers don’t quite get a tie. But, Animal is delighted to pound Honeys sex, which looks soft and very inviting. And the Lady experiences her first dog sperm injection, as Animal pulls out, leaving the Lady dripping with fresh white cum. Honey finishes Animal off with a thorough blowjob, the Lady seems very at home with a nice dog cock. Animals boner is rocking throughout, he’s really having a good time.

Then onto scene 2. Same kind of setup as the first scene, this time starting out with a little sensuous foreplay – cuddling, kissing, and Honey showing Animal who is in charge. Still, she knows what Animal wants, so she arches her back, and Animal slams home, giving the Lady a very vigorous pumping. This time, he slips into Honeys ass!

No surprise, a few squeals here, but Honey takes the doggy in her behind like a true Lady. Again, she didn’t quite get the knot – I can tell you that she has since – but it’s quite common for new Pet Ladies to not take the knot the first few times. Something many of your other new Pet Ladies should bear in mind, knotting usually takes a little time. Having a dog hard-mating you is usually otherworldly enough for the first few sessions. Taking the knot, is for when you’ve got the basics down.

Honey is not so cautious about sucking the doggy cock though, this scene has a much longer suck scene than the first session. No swallowing yet, sadly – but again, one step at a time. With a bit more practice, Honey will go a long way.

A little trivia: during this shoot, ILZ had to lock Animal in the bedroom briefly to sort out the set. Animal was so keen to get back and fuck Honey, that he nearly tore the door down. That’s motivation for you. And, Ladies, that is the power of the Pet Pussy – use it wisely

A nice first movie with some Christmas cheer for the season. Hope you have fun with Honeys pet magic, and hope the Lady leaves you bewitched too – enjoy

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