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Attacked by a aggressive k9 dog

This fat girl from brasil has fucked many dogs in her life but she has never had a brutal dogfuck like this before. This former police dog is trained to attack people only now he is attacking this poor girls pussy from behind and there is nothing she can do to stop him. Watch how he bangs his german cock into her filthy cunt. Yeaaah fuck that bitch like a beast!

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This south american model loves to get fucked from begind. This way she always feels a bit submissive which makes her even more horny. But unfortunately for us this babe is a lesbian and no male cock will enter her lovely fuck hole. But some now and then she needs a knot inside her. But this clever bitch has already found a good solution for that ... she just calls for her fuckbody ... a german k9 dog.

Threesome with a k9 police dog

Personally i really like them young. These unexperienced teens are always very naive and most of the time they do everything for you as long as you come up with a good story. Today you see how i tricked two schoolgirls into animal sex. They wanted to prove that they werent afraid of the dog. With a big smile on my face i filmed them while being fucked by my horny german k9 dog.

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