BeastSex 2020 Kana – Smooth Ride - Kana’s sweet blossom makes Animal cum like a dream

Kana – Smooth Ride - Kana’s sweet blossom makes Animal cum like a dream

Continuing with our Asian theme – introducing the lovely Kana. When ILZ presented Kana for doggy consideration, I was not entirely sure. She was very cute and sweet, well presented – but seemed quite shy. Shy and hardcore dog sex modelling do not tend to go hand in hand.

Then the panties came off and I saw that bod. That ass, really. Tight, round and perky – you don’t often see an ass quite like that on an Asian Lady. But, there it is. It’s against our policy to leave an attractive Lady like that, unbred.

Kana reminds me a bit of Annalena, that whole focused pussycat thing going on. It’s quite tempting.

As it turns out, Kana is only shy about her English. When it comes to the art of love and seduction, she is all woman. Animal loves the raven-haired Ladies, it’s a black fur thing you understand.

I really am a sucker for good legs and a sexy behind. A minor detail – what is particularly interesting about Kana’s vagina, is her shape. The natural curve of her mound and labia, you can see in the screenshot below, and the first screenshot above. While this tender furrow may not have noticeable effect should a chap try to slide his man meat through it – should you have a long, bony tool, it’s just the thing. This flower, it seems, is tailor made for some intense doggy action. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hot under the collar just thinking about it. And I’m not even wearing a collar.

Kana is the second Asian Model to go through our special doggy training program. With a little help from her Wild Sister TigerLily, Kana experienced her first canine penetration. Almost immediately she was enjoying smooth, hard mounts. Her first taste of what it is like to be taken sexually by a big beast.

Animal took a real shine to Kana, too. Another petite Lady, completely new to animal sex. And yet, calmly and affectionately welcoming some super hard mounts from a dog that weighs more than she does. Kana made the switch much faster than expected, and did a wonderful job. Animal could never wait to get rocking with this Lady.

It took a few sessions before Kana was completely comfortable with hard dog penetration. By session 3, the Lady was already expert and ready to move onto tying.

Animal is always ready to accommodate a Lady in training. With a deep thrust into a relaxed Lady, Animal’s knot was soon locked inside that perfectly formed pussy.

All notions of the Lady being too shy were out the window by this point. Kana’s flower is not quite as tight as TigerLily’s, so the Lady did not struggle as much. In fact, smoothly and calmly taking a huge knot into her petite button, and remaining alluring while the big fist of dog love locks her sex to his – we would be forgiven for assuming Kana had been loving dogs all her life. But nope, the Lady is a genuine beginner. Some flowers seem to be just right for our special kind of fun.

No strong tie is complete without an epic flowshot, and neither Kana or Animal disappoint here. Animal demonstrates his approval in liquid form – a river of dog sperm flowing from Kana’s freshly dogged vagina. That’s a very satisfied hound right there.

As before, this movie was shot over 5 sessions, with the all-over camera setup you will be familiar with from TigerLily’s First Dance. Plenty of action, plenty of views of the action, giving you the best seat in the house

ILZ is doing a great job with all our new Ladies, and I hope you will enjoy Kana’s Smooth Ride.

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