BeastSex 2020 Lena - Böses Mädche - Naughty K9 slave Lena, reporting for duty

Lena - Böses Mädche - Naughty K9 slave Lena, reporting for duty

Cool but naughty dog slave Lena has been a bad girl. Some discipline is required. Suited up for use, the young wildling sits patiently chained to the door, for her Master to apply the appropriate correction. First up, that Pet Pussy is looking a bit too nice to pass by. So Lenas Master warms the slave up with a measure of man cock. He wants to know what the dog will be enjoying, how it will feel, for him. It’s a fun game I quite enjoy myself, you should try this at home kids Sink into your significant other, and imagine you are that dog feeling that feeling. Feels good, ja?

Lena quite likes discipline sessions. The slave occupies herself with the Butterfly dildo whilst waiting for Bullseye to turn up. Then it’s time. That sweet, tender young slave pussy is ready to take a good dogging. Lena knows she is there for Bullseye to enjoy. Bullseye is keen to enjoy her. One part of her in particular, let’s talk about it.

That Lena dog slave pussy is young and pink, warm and tight. Lena uses that pussy, to get the dog juices flowing up into her. Those dogs, use that pussy for the same reason. A dog slaves nectar flow should be strong, today Bullseye is doing his part. He mounts the slave, slamming a hungry knot into her body. Lenas sex is tailor made for the knot, it fits her like a key. A well trained dog slave.

Now she is hung up on Bullseye – a captive, impaled and imprisoned on that throbbing red rod. Now he’s got her, Bullseye takes aim and lets the Lady have it. Twitch, throb, long squirt. After long squirt. The anemone-like interior of Lenas Pet Pussy, instinctively reacts to the presence of dog flesh. It’s a tight fit, Lena does her best to contain the intensity, but the Force is strong in this one. At a cellular level, she knows that he is her prisoner, too. She’s brought him there for a reason. Squirt after squirt, Lenas machine throbs back, ripples of wet warmth mesh with the tingling sensations caused by that vagina, coaxing the liquid out of him. Bullseye gets to enjoy Lena in a way that us chaps never could, since our mucus membrane is only at the tip. Bullseyes membrane goes all the way to the root. Meaning, he gets to feel the whole Lady, the whole time. The squeezy muscles deep down, the cervix tickling his cock tip. The tickly tastebuds closer to the doggy door.

Could make one a touch envious of those doggies – if we were lesser Men. Instead, we understand that to love someone, is to want to see them happy. To see them being free, not inhibiting them with our own insecurities. Yes, it’s fair to say that, as a dog slave, Lena is not entirely free. But as practical joker Orson Welles said, “The enemy of Art is the absence of limitations”. If Lena will elevate her deep dog loving to an Art form, she understands that a bullet needs a barrel; a dog, needs a channel.

Lenas flower, works her Natural Magic on Bullseye, yanking most every last drop up into her feminity where it belongs. Seeing her pinkness, wet and replete with doggy dew as our Hero withdraws his sword from her sheath – a most successful mating – we can safely agree that this Ladys vagina plays a song we can all dance to.

I said ‘most every drop’, because Bullseye is not quite yet finished. The Samurai had a code, that a sword once drawn, would not be returned to it’s sheath until it’s work was complete. K9 slave Lena is duty bound to attend to that sword, while it remains. Those precious squirts of nectar belong inside the Lady. So, she takes him into her mouth, pleasuring him with her soft lips and tongue, such that she might drink him down, letting his love flow into her body via both ends. No accidentally losing those droplets, here. Not a chance.

And the slaves hair does match that dog cock purple so nicely

The movie concludes with the loving couple nestled together. A very satisfied doggy. And a dog slave overflowing with him. Lena strokes her stud tenderly, to say thank you for using her the right way. The slave may be a Bad Girl, but if doggy love is wrong, she don’t wanna be right. We look forward to seeing more of Lenas training soon – we hear, maybe just maybe her Mama might get involved Until then, please enjoy Lenas first movie, and some “Superhundeliebe”

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