BeastSex 2020 Lena - Lena in Love

Lena - Lena in Love

I’m so horny for dog cocks in all sizes…

Pet fanatic Lena returns for more of that good doggy mating. Lena is an adorable petite, almost Lolita-esque Pet Lady, with a very naughty streak. The movie starts out with Lena telling us that she is ‘horny for dog cocks in all sizes’. The Lady just can’t get enough of those juicy red rockets. And who can blame her, they do suit her very nicely…

Lena is slim and svelte, with dog-cock-purple hair, and a delightful splash of fur to coax those furry lovers in her direction. The Lady is petite but perfectly formed, almost carved out of marble. Like her Euro Pet Sister DV, Lena is helplessly drawn to those dog dicks. She likes the way they make her feel. She likes the look, and the taste. She likes the things they do to her, and how they feel when they unlock her vagina. She likes the idea of a dog ejaculating inside her. She likes it, and she wants it all…

Lena first coaxes her pussy from her slumber, with a smooth black dog dildo. A little prod with that special shape reminds her vagina what she is there for. Then Hudson arrives.

Coolmanns boy Hudson is a veteran when it comes to loving the Ladies. He’s not a young hound by any means. But, many a sweet tune played on an old violin. Us not-so-young males may not have the energy we had at 16. Still, what we lack in blind driving motivation to hump stuff, I like to think is offset by some experience in how to please a Lady. A touch of ‘finesse’. Plus, a big pair of balls. Mr Hudson’s balls are bursting with fun, and Lena got there just in time…

Hudson checks out his new Lady, looks at the camera as if to say ‘give me a minute, I got this’. Presently, his big doggy frame is bearing down on Lena, and the Lady is impaled on his advancing red rod. His experience pays off, he knows exactly what to do and how. He slams his cock over and over into the Lady, until his knot swells up inside her tight pink pussy…

Lena is fairly new to petfun, but some vaginas are made for it. Hudson is packing quite a size, but still manages to pack it all into the Lady. Locked up and trapped by the big dog cock, Lena has no choice but relax, breathe deeply, and take it all in. Hudson starts filling her up in that very special way…

A tight vagina is a great match for a big knot. When Hudson pulls out we can see how effective the knot is at keeping that juice inside a Lady. It explodes, and gushes out in a glorious creamy mess. With that kind of pressure inside, there is no way that Hudson’s sperm didn’t get forced into Lena’s womb – which is the point, of course. For the sperm that remain, Lena’s body is their personal playground for the next 7 days.

Hudson’s big juicy spent cock is too much for Lena to resist, and she rushes to slide it into her mouth. The Lady is not quite ready for drinking yet, but that does not stop her taking very good care of that cock…

When their mating is complete, the lovers snuggle up together. Hudson looks up into Lena’s eyes saying ‘I’ve still got it’. That is one well-drained, and very satisfied doggy. And with a vagina still tingling and damp with dog sperm – one very well mated Lady. Good hard humping and knotting action, just the way we like it. Enjoy a session with Lena and her very perky Pet Pussy – Hudson certainly did.

Producer: Coolmann
Models: Lena with Hudson
Scene: Lena in Love

File: mp4
Size: 1220 MB
Duration: 00:27:10
Resolution: 1920x1080

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