BeastSex 2020 Mama Mocha & Cookie - Naughty Girl

Mama Mocha & Cookie - Naughty Girl

Cookie is a naughty girl, and Mama Mocha applies the doggy discipline…

Right Gang, a little deviation from the usual here. We are usually all about the hard fucking, but I know you good folks are often clamouring for something a bit different. This interesting little offering is different to say the least.

We had released a Mother / Daughter movie previously – Family Ties – and it was intriguing to explore doggy love in a loving family setting. Well, this is our second family movie, this time introducing the cute young Cookie, with Mama Mocha, who is her biological mother. What a naughty home life this family has!

So in the first scene, Cookie comes home and has been a very naughty girl. Mama is not pleased at all. Some discipline is needed, and today Mama has decided the best way to hammer her point home, is to offer up daughter Cookie’s pussy to her dog. It’s the kind of discipline I think we can all get behind

There is a lot of dialogue in this first scene, Mama and Cookie put a lot of work into this at our request, and it really is very entertaining. In another dimension, I can see this family having their own reality show, like a Latin Osbournes, with dog sex. I don’t usually watch those, but I might make an exception for this one.

Mama tears a strip off poor Cookie, then orders her to pull down her panties and get ready for some dog cock. Cookie may be naughty, but she can’t disobey her Mama, and does as she is told. Rover jumps up and sinks a hard mojo into Cookies tight little box, and pumps his cream into her. Mama is still quite mad though, so she insists that Cookie suck his cock too. It’s not often we see movies with this kind of dialogue and a bit of a plot going on, and it’s nice to see something a bit different. Both with the dialogue, and of course, we don’t get too many real family movies coming in.

Mama Mocha only features in the first scene, about 15 mins. The rest of the movie is Cookie flying solo with her various boys. In the second scene, our new Pet Chica hikes up the hillside to fuck her boy in the dirt. Her school uniform gets all mucky, but at least her tight little pussy gets some good clean pure dog jizz Some nice doggy french kissing in this scene, I know some of you are very keen on that, and it’s nice to see.

In the second scene, Cookie treats her second boy, a smaller black dog, to a nice enthusiastic blowjob. She jerks him into a glass a bit, and drinks down his sweet nectar. She then straddles and rides his cock whilst playing with her clit, to get some doggy sperm inside her. And finishes off taking a little pee.

The final scene is at home with the white dog again. A bit of a fuck, followed by more enthusiastic sucking. Cookie isn’t drinking it all yet (apart from the glass scene), but I will twist the Ladys arm about that for any future productions.

Now I won’t beat about the bush here. I was on the fence about whether or not to release this movie, because Cookies boys are not particularly good studs. The black dog is too small, the retriever is too old, and the white dog – although enthusiastic, is a lazy boy and doesn’t really give it to the Lady the way we usually like to see. As you know, we are usually all about that hard doggy fucking. There is a bit of funkiness with the orientation of the camera, ILZ might be able to sort that part out during editing. It’s their first feature movie, so not entirely perfect. However – given that first scene, with real incest, and the great dialogue and premise, I thought we could give it a go. It’s not like y’all have not seen good and plenty hard dog fucking from us over the years. But family pet fun, and movies with some kind of plot and dialogue – these are quite rare. So please make sure you are cool with all that before purchasing. Personally I would buy this just for the first scene alone. Mama Mocha is quite the natural performer, such a strict Mama that one

For the above reason, I’ve put the price down a bit. And the movie is nearly 1 hour long, so plenty of bang for your buck. This family has a lot of potential, Cookie is very passionate about dog love, and they do a pretty good job despite the limitations of their current studs. If it seems you folks are behind what this Lady and co are doing, we have promised to buy the Lady a rottie. Coz frankly, that very cute little pussy really needs to see some good hard real doggy action. She also has a very, very cute 18 year old sister – complete with braces and all – just getting into dogs too! So, potentially a mother/daughters/sister movie on the horizon? That really depends on you folks, so please try to support this movie, and I will make sure the next movie from Cookie and Mama Mocha is completely up to scratch. Have some fun with the Naughty Girl

Producer: Cookie and Mama Mocha
Models: Cookie and Mama Mocha
File: mp4
Size: 1930 MB
Duration: 00:35:45
Resolution: 1920x1080

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