BeastSex 2020 MEI LING - New in You

MEI LING - New in You



Mmm – Mei Ling. Isn’t that nice. Asian cutie Mei Ling is almost 20, and perky as a button. Like many youngsters, Mei Ling is annoying as fuck sometimes. But, ILZ was keen to shoot with this young Lady, and one look at that pouty smile and tight curves, it’s not difficult to see why.

Speaking of tight, another interesting detail about Mei Ling, is that she is actually a lesbian. That’s right, this Lady likes the Ladies. Meaning, that delightful Asian flower hasn’t experienced a penis before, of any kind. It’s kinda hot to know that this is the Lady’s very first mating, and it’s with a dog. Lucky Bullseye gets to tread where no male has trod before, and gets to shoot his seed where no seed has been sown before. A blank canvas, yummy.

This inexperience with the gents is somewhat apparent in the first scene – the Lady is a bit nervous, it’s all a bit new, and Mei Ling is not quite sure what to do with a horny dog and his cock. Fortunately experienced Pet Trainer TigerLily is behind the scenes to guide her – ILZ jumps in to lend a hand, and before you know it, Bullseye has sunk his knot into that tight new pussy.

As you can imagine, a fat knot is quite a challenge for a first mating. Mei Ling yelps as Bullseye locks up and cums inside her. Her little pussy was a bit tender after this first experience, we weren’t sure if the Lady would return for a second. Still, you know how that dogsex is – it tends to grow on you, and before long Mei Ling was back to try again.

Session 2 delivers a more confident Mei Ling – this whole cock thing isn’t so bad after all. Another tight knot taken very nicely – and I can’t help wondering if the sudden appearance of dog sperm in the Lady’s vagina’s world doesn’t lead her to the conclusion that that is the way things are? We can but hope

So Gang, it’s a nice-looking Lady, but a little inexperienced as mentioned. We had to do the ‘half off the screen’ thing here and there, to hide ILZ helping Bullseye get into Mei Ling. To Folks who have mentioned this before, it’s not a mistake in camera positioning, it’s just one of the things we have to do to get the material we need. ZDT used to do it sometimes too if the Lady couldn’t quite do it on her own. We’ve had a chat here about alternatives mind, and we will do our very best to come up with another technique for the hump shot in the future. We do expect to shoot again with Mei Ling soon, so hopefully, this Lady won’t need too much help next time.

Still a nice-looking movie with a great-looking Asian teen who really gets that doggy nectar flowing. Horny stuff – have fun with Mei Ling

Producer: Dachat
Scene: New in You
Models: MEI LING

File: mp4
Size: 1400 MB
Duration: 00:28:06
Resolution: 1920x1080

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