BeastSex 2020 Nikita - Hell Yes!

Nikita - Hell Yes!

La Femme Nikita tries her first real doggy style

I don’t know where Dachat meets all those stunningly beautiful Slavic pet girls but I am grateful he does. I want to thank Dachat in the name of the community that he is mining tirelessly for those gems he presents in his movies: All those lovely and talented slavic pet girls to dominate our petlove dreams. And the most wonderful about his work is that all those ladies are not only beautiful but also exceptionally talented in the ways of animal love. And trust me: Nikita is no exception.

The movie starts with the lady’s arrival at the train station where she puts on her mask and does some guerrilla marketing for our community. The mask she wears grants anonymity and so the lady is audacious enough to show her ass and tits in public and play with her tasty little slit while other travelers pass her by.

Because being naughty makes her horny she decides to masturbate a little bit more in the car that picked her up to get her to her breeding by her canine lover. Her perfect flower is wet by the thought of getting a big knot later that day. She stuffs her pantys in to soak up a little of the juice.

Finally in the apartment the lady dresses up for her doggy date and puts on a video of dogwoman to get in the mood for a nice big dog cock. Watching the couple on the screen knotting, Nikita reaches her climax rubbing her wet fuckhole and pushing two fingers in and out the wet slit. Watching Nikita being good to herself is a very sexy sight, believe me. She masturbates with a gravity that is both, innocent and dirty, at the same time.

Then it’s time to try out all those nice and naughty things she just watched dogwoman do so she calls for a dog to fulfill her needs. She wants something big and pulsating in her flower badly. But doggy wants to cuddle first and get a taste of this wonderful juicy flower.

Nikita being horny as hell has no time for foreplay. She gets on all fours and begs her furry lover to jump on her. Now it pays off that she got herself wet before because Rover’s red rocket slips into her hungry pussy in no time. And how Nikita likes this: a thrusting dog pecker in her womb squirting dog sperm deep inside her. And then there is the knot. You can tell by the moans that Nikita really digs the experience of being stretched out to the max by a growing ball of dog meat. The knot stuck on the entrance to her pussy is a sight to remember.

Of course the lady doesn’t fail to show how much sperm he put inside her. And he filled her up to the brim with his semen. She pushes it all out and cannot help it but to lick and taste the salty white stuff that dripped on the mattress. Since she loves the taste she doesn’t hesitate longer to wrap those full red lips around the squirting cock. It must feel heavenly to be stuck between those full lips of her. She is a bit shy though and needs some practice in sucking a dog cock. So it takes some time for her to accustom herself to the unfamiliar thing in her mouth.

Nikita is so pleased with her experience that she wants another dog immediately. And Dachat and his team are happy to grant her this wish. Her stockings are a bit battered from the first encounter but her beauty remains flawless. She opens her tights to let her new furry friend lick her flower to make it wet and ready for his cock.When she is down on all fours, the dog fucks her well. You can see the cock and knot pistoning in and out. Unfortunately he is a bit impetuous and he doesn’t get his paws on the ground because of the lady’s long legs. Therefore there is no tie and no pull-out-scene. Other than that it is a perfect and raw fucking.

To compensate for the missing pull-out, Nikita shows what she learned in sucking off the first dog. The second blow-job is much more natural. Obviously our model got used to closing her lips around a squirting dog pecker by now. And she is enthusiastic about showing to the world what she can do with this lustful mouth of hers.

She takes the red rocket as deep as she can. Her red lips are literally overflowing with dog juice and the white sperm mixes up with the red lipstick color. And lying under the dog, nursing on cockmeat she drifts off into a dog sex trance.

Conclusion: This movie is (again) Dachat quality at its best. An outstanding model, experienced dogs, great action and professional camera works. Those who don’t get horny watching this movie must be dead already. Just buy it and see for yourself.

Producer: Dachat
Models: Nikita with Kuryakin & Tango
Scene: Hell Yes!

File: mp4
Size: 2320 MB
Duration: 00:46:51
Resolution: 1920x1080


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