BeastSex 2020 Petal - Pump and Lock

Petal - Pump and Lock


It’s Petal, another sweet Lady in our Asian Pet Collective. Like Tink, Petal is tiny, likely under 5 feet so petite indeed. She is not too much bigger than Bullseye.

It’s Petal’s first time experiencing a dog inside her, that’s gotta be an interesting buzz for any Lady. She’s a bit shy, but Petal’s sweet, tight little flower is a real dog treat. Bullseye looks delighted to be playing with this Lady – you can see that’s a hound who enjoys his work.

Despite her diminutive dimensions, and with a bit of help from TigerLily, Petal does manage to get tied by Bullseye on the second session. It’s a tight fit, and loving this Lady gets Bullseye off hard. So many Ladies to dog, so little time

ILZ is doing a great job, it wasn’t long ago he was shooting his first movie with Lise. Our Ladies are doing great too, and continue to spreads the word, and spread the love as only a Pet Girl can. Seems we’ve started a bit of a doggy trend over here. No surprise really, what could be hotter than a sweet Pet Pussy?

If you dig petite Asian Ladies with tight flowers being mounted and tied by horny dogs, you’ll dig Petal. Have fun, and Merry Christmas everyone

Models: Petal
Scene: Pump and Lock
File: mp4
Size: 1510 MB
Duration: 00:34:25
Resolution: 1920x1080


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