BeastSex 2020 Pink - Perfect Pink

Pink - Perfect Pink

"Perfect Pink Dog Fucking..."


Some more yummy Pink for you lucky Petfans :)
Our Planet might not be perfect. But it’s Ours. When you look at Her right, She is perfect. But you didn’t come here to listen to that shit. You came, for example, because Ms. Pink’s scrummy magical little Pooch Cooch might be something you’d like to see. I’ll get on with it then.
But since you brought it up… on the topic of the LadyBox.

In the real world – it’s OK to sell your brains – for example, as an corporate lawyer. It’s OK to sell your soul – maybe as an arms dealer, politician, banker or Rock n Roll star. It’s OK to sell your flesh – as a fashion model, lingerie, swimwear, catwalk – or perhaps to promote a particular motor vehicle. Ballet, gymnastics, athletes, Little Miss Sunshine. Or, be a Hollywood star, and pull your buttons out, for artistic purposes. That’s all acceptable. If I’m ranting, just scroll sue me :)
It’s OK to sell your perspiration – for minimum wage, in the back of some restaurant, or some fulfillment center, or some other great place.

You can sell your integrity, maybe as a journalist making up bullshit about people for a living. You can sell your sperm, your eggs, your children for adoption. Or as cannon fodder. You can sell your life working 9 to 5 – paying often up to 80% general total tax, meaning for each 5 years you work – you actually get paid for 1.
You can sell all of that, no problem. That’s all fine. In life you have to use what you’ve got to get what you want. Whatever talents or skills you may have, in order to survive. That’s what they taught us right?
However should you decide to sell that 1 bit of you that The Man has a problem with? Oh dear.
Use that 1 thing that’s all you – your pleasures, the thing you might use to give a bit of comfort to some other, maybe put a bit of food on the table for you and your family? Sell that 1 part and you’re no good.
It’s OK for the Orange Munchkin Prez to grab @ it and still remain Prez – just don’t try to sell it, or they’ll be on you like those Twin Towers. Going as far as dressing up as you, pretending to sell that bit, to bust lonely people for being lonely. Some kinda dog and pony act…

Our females might bust Her Ladyballs for 6 years getting a Law degree, if She’s lucky enough to have the right friends – can be protecting seedy little corporate interests for $500 an hour, if She is good. A high-end Escort Lady can make the same, with none of the above red tape, costs, ass-kissing, loss of independence, or integrity. It’s not like there’s low-demand for those Ladytalents. Brain, vagina – does it really matter which part of you you’re selling? It’s still you. What – Lawyer Chix don’t fuck? I know they do.
Those goodies always have some value. In a social experimental study of monkeys, White-coaters taught monkeys the concept of money. Exchanging tokens for bananas etc. Having gotten their heads around your money, the first thing male monkeys did, was take their tokens and pay for pussy. They’re animals. They’re not stupid.
In a world where The Man says the sex is bad of course selling your sex will be bad. Never mind it’s just about the only thing most of us are interested in, in the general day-to-day. Never mind the reality of the situation. Sex didn’t pollute or deforest anything. Sex is what it is, and we either love it, or we’re liars. Those doggies don’t have these ethical conundrums…

Still. What The Man wants does not always get. Lucky for us. Take the lovely Pink here. Here is a Lady who really knows how to use what She’s got. Would you look at that. My Goodness that Lady can dance. I’m sure Tango was delighted, for a shot at Round 2 with this Lady. Given the circumstances I’d very much hope we’d all do the same…

Pink takes Tango on an erotic dance through her Garden. A mount, a second mount with a tie. The Lady seems to have learned this dance quite quickly. She is a natural :)
Pink knows what we would like to see. It’s why She is there. The Lady is quite happy to be doing something She clearly loves. She loves that we love to see Her doing it.
When you hit your target of concreting over the planet and filling it with boxes of people, what else is there to sell? There’s just boxes and people. When the box-space runs out, well. So unless you plan to do something about it, might as well get used to the idea. It isn’t like selling people is a new thing. That reminds me, must watch Soylent Green again tonight :)

At the time of writing, many of you are under house arrest. At least you have a home, hopefully. Within those walls you are free to look at all this yummy fun and be who you want to be. My Mother didn’t raise no pervert? We can’t all be perfect can we.
There’s a great bit in this movie, where Pink – having learned the real doggystyle – is encouraging Tango to get up and do Her. She is quite enthusiastic about it. And She does a fantastic job, when he does.
They might think we’re all sick perverts, they just haven’t caught up yet. We’ve all got our ugly side. But even the ugliest toad finds a Lady. Perfect is subjective. A horny Tango, arching and lancing a needy red bone into Pink’s soft juicy slit seems pretty perfect to me. As does the Lady’s decision to learn how to love a dog right. If you think that’s perfect I guess you are pretty perfect too.

That doesn’t mean we couldn’t try to be a bit more perfect sometimes. Just a bit. Or not, up to you. Either way you’d be foolish to not grab this one. Thank you Dachat, Tango and Ms. Pink – everyone else, please enjoy that perfect Pink

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