BeastSex 2020 SarahTS - Your Woman - SarahTS brings the noise, with our first TransWild Music!

SarahTS - Your Woman - SarahTS brings the noise, with our first TransWild Music!

As explained previously, one common complaint about AoZ, is that it is largely geared towards Ladies with pets. And, as explained, it’s because I never aimed to be all things to all people. I would rather love you all, and represent my clique well – than try to be Walmart and be so-so at everything. This, however, does not mean that I have a problem with Trans and Gay Wilds. Far from it. As a young man first seeking my fortune in London with 50 squid in my pocket, I was adopted by the Gay crowd. They were determined to get me into the chaps. I was determined to learn how to dress well. My Gay friend Peter, showed me all around London, and was the guy that pushed me to get into web design in the first place. None of this would be here without him.

Now despite their best efforts, I remained devoted to the vagina. Which actually worked very well, and something for you to consider. Because Gay guys throw, truly, the very best parties. And in those parties, there are invariably straight Ladies. And invariably I was the only straight male in the vicinity. Leading to some quite outrageous results But that is a story for another day.

Historically, there has not been so much interest in Gay and TransWild movies. But we do get asked for them regularly, so maybe times have changed. We run this movie, as an experiment. If you ACDC fans are liking it, we will run more. And probably set up a site dedicated to this style of loving. I have set the price a bit lower on this one, not because Sarah is worth less, but because I want to give the Lady the best possible opportunity to shine. We shall see what happens.

So, I will hand over the synopsis to Member Elin, who I understand is into the doggy Trade like fucken Wall Street …

As the movie starts off the lovely SarahTS is ready to go. In see-through stockings with a convenient easy-access hole in the back, she crawls around Jackson on all fours as he lays on the floor exuding subtle dominance, and casually licking himself. She knows she needs to impress him and show him that she’s his. But that’s of course unnecessary, as the Master in the room he knows he he’s in control and that anything with a hole is his.

He doesn’t need to flaunt it. He knows that she knows. That’s good enough for him. SarahTS has taken some knots, but she knows he’s going to be big so she uses a ribbed dildo to get ready, as eager Jackson simultaneously licks her hole, preparing his prize for entry. Moments later he jumps up and mounts his bitch, finding her backdoor pussy almost immediately.

She welcomes his enormous cock and can’t help but grunt with satisfaction as he aggressively hammers into her. It’s clear Jackson is in his happy place, his front legs wrapped around her torso possessively and his back arched, as he acts on his most primal instinct to breed… and a hole is a goal, am I right?

SarahTS reaches back to touch his knot, hold it, revel in it. She wants to feel for herself how enormous her pussy already knows it is. Sometimes your brain just can’t believe what your body is telling it and you need confirmation. Jackson’s rhythm is shaken and his cock pops out as his doggie cum flies all over the place.

That just won’t do for SarahTS, who doesn’t want it to go to waste. She grabs a cup and pushes out what’s inside her so she can have a tasty snack later. But Jackson doesn’t like waiting. He still has loads of hot cum in him that needs to be deposited in a willing bitch.

He wastes no time and mounts her again. With his signature sense of primal animality he begins to jackhammer her cunt as she makes those incoherent sounds we all know and recognize as the sounds of a happy, submissive slut getting the big, hard, dick they need so badly. As he ties with her we see her cunt from below, his dark wiry hair right up against her fair skin.

She desperately holds his knot in, not wanting it to ever come out. His body quivers and pulses as he makes deposit after deposit of his seed deep into her guts. She’s clearly not prepared for how much sperm he had for her, as it leaks out of her pussy and begins dripping all over. Once again, she saves what she can into a cup, drinking it all for the camera like a good dog girl.

After all this mounting action Jackson needs a break, but SarahTS hasn’t had enough dog dick… and really, is that even possible? She eagerly crawls under him like a slut in heat, his enormous cock, still hard and fully knotted dangling between his legs, too beautiful, too mesmerizing for her to ignore. She opens her mouth and catches his cum as it leaks out, then takes his manhood into her mouth for a better “cleaning”

After she orally persuades him, Jackson needs more of her sweet, sexy pussy and like all masters, he knows to take what he wants, and it’s back on. SarahTS might not have known how insatiable he is, or what she signed up for, but she takes his unrelenting hammering like a seasoned pro, moaning and grunting with deep, hard satisfaction!

Producer: SarahTS
Models: SarahTS with Jackson
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Duration: 00:13:34
Resolution: 1920x1080

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