BeastSex 2020 Selena And Tabitha - The Girls Say

Selena And Tabitha - The Girls Say

Selena feels the switch as Sam enjoys her vagina for the first time

ZDT spoils us with another lovely Latin Lady experiencing that doggy initiation. In this episode, we are introduced to the lovely Selena, who is about to find out what dog love is all about.

The movie begins with a short chat / interview (with subtitles). For this session, ZDT’s assistant Tabitha will be Selena’s guide and teacher. Tabitha convinces Selena that doggy love is the way forward, and Selena is quick to jump in and try it for herself.

Selena spreads her long, shapely legs and pulls her panties to the side. Sam is no stranger to a vagina – he dives in head first and gets a good taste of the Lady. Her flower looks great as Sam’s tongue slips and slides all over. Selena responds well, which is good because next up it’s mounting time.

Tabitha instructs Selena how to position herself ready for her first dog mating. Sam does not need to be asked twice – in a heartbeat, Sam mounts and penetrates Selena’s sex. That first ‘dog penis in your vagina’ feeling, first times are always great to see, especially when things work out well.

We have no problems in that department. Sam is a pro as always, and drives his fat knot deep, tying the lovely Lady hard. This whole section is shot in extreme closeup, and it’s very horny because you get to see absolutely everything in minute detail. It’s almost as if one’s face were pressed into the Lady’s crotch at the time, you can almost taste that sweet honey mixed with doggy jizz.

ZDT did not forget you side-shot fans either. At the end of the tie scene, we have footage of the side view too. And what a view, Selena is lost in passion as the dog cock pistons in and out of her moist, tight Latin vagina. Man I love that vagina. Sam does too, his knot buried tightly, his root disappearing between Selena’s soft folds. Yummy.

Throughout the tie, Selena is masturbating furiously, playing with her clit, running her fingers around her flower, feeling the root connecting her sex to the dog. Very gradually, the knot begins to slip out of the Lady. The flower is tight, so it’s not coming out easily. Who can blame it? But eventually, after a good long tie and a long hard cum, Sam pops out – his semen flowing down across Selena’s soft pink labia.

Sam finishes the session by giving the Lady a good tongue bath – cleaning her vagina, licking up every drop of his jizz that leaked out. Of course, plenty stayed inside. We wouldn’t want the Lady to go home without a dose of doggy juice inside her, would we?

What’s nice about Selena, she looks really quite innocent. At the end, after Sam has loved her and licked her clean, she kneels up in her pretty white dress. You really wouldn’t imagine that the Lady has just been fucked by a dog. You would of course be mistaken, because she so did, and did a great job too.

A very nice looking movie, as you have come to expect from ZDT. Great looking Ladies, great action, nicely shot. The tie scene in this movie always puts a smile on my face, get it while it’s hot.

ps: big thanks to ‘a certain mystery Member’ for his assistance with this movie. You know who you are

Producer: ZDT
Scene: The Girls Say
Models: Selena, Tabitha with Sam
File: mp4
Size: 1300 MB
Duration: 00:25:19
Resolution: 1920x1080

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