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BeastSex 2020 Sonya - POISON - You like to party What is your Poison

Sonya - POISON - You like to party What is your Poison

So, writing a synopsis about this movie was tough, because much of the time I’m left speechless. This kind of powerful magic, really should be illegal. The very naughty elfish Sonya is almost looking too good.

Almost. It’s much too much, but then, Sonya is certainly Mucha Muchacha.

Dachat is an established photographer of lovely Ladies, and it is great to have another Producer on the Team who has an eye for these things. Our Wild Ladies want to be presented the right way, when They dance. As I’m fond of reminding Petfans, I have movies in my collection that are probably a century old. Photographs and artworks much older. So it’s safe to assume, when the magic is this strong, that these documents of freedom, passion, sexuality, will be around long after we are all toast. Hoverboard riding Gangs of the future, might have a thing or two to say about our Art. As will the post-ice age little green men, digging us up and wondering how we partied in the present, I’m sure. Well let’s show em

Agent XXX Sonya is quite something. Her mission, to be as Petgirl as humanly possible within an amount of space and time. Mission successful I’d say. The Lady seduces us as She seduces the dog. She knows what is coming. She knows what She is there for. The dog does too. That most mindbending of vaginas is switching things into doggy gear. Her excitement and arousal at the prospect of a long hard dog bone probing at her insides, is quite tangible. As an instance of femininity, Sonya is quite potent. Like Boadicea the Lady taunts and waits for her match. Her Siren song is strong, I can see why us chaps would end up scrambling across those rocks for a taste. My Goodness, Lady.

Gentleman, I trust the Lady has your attention. That’s good, because She has something to say. What the Lady has to say, we will let you be the Judge of that All I can say is, message received and understood.

Keeping in mind, everyone involved here is quite new to this. A Russian Diamond in the rough. But Kuryakin does get the Lady. That very sweet Russian Pet Pussy performs perfectly. That doggy nectar suits the Lady down to the ground…

After yanking a huge knot from the Lady, the couple tend to each other. Kuryakin inspects Sonyas sex to make sure his injection was successful. In turn, the Lady takes the rest of his love into her mouth. She largely owns that dog cock, gripping it firmly at the base as she worships him with those lips. All the way into Her throat, and I’m not seeing much crying over spilled milk here. Sonya looks at the camera as she worships, to make sure we are still paying attention. I expect we are.

Sonya concludes Her dance, feeling that precious liquid moving into her She plays with her flower. Watching our lovely Dogwoman on the TV, feeling that bond between Pet Sisters, and that She too just made her mark on the Universe. An important moment for a young Lady. Sonya’s powerful Pet Love may be poison, but as Nietzsche said “what does not kill us makes us stronger”. This is a vaccination you don’t have to worry about. I trust you will enjoy the first dance from the very lovely Sonya

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Models: Sonya with Kuryakin
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Size: 199 MB
Duration: 00:23:50
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