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Taming Rosita - Shy young Latinas first experience in hot dog sex

I’d like to start out by saying I have quite the boner for this movie. Those sultry Senoritas have the magic touch when it comes to dog mating, oh my goodness!

A sunny Tuesday lunchtime. Today Sam is in the mood, so ZDT is cruising around town looking for the right Lady to satisfy those lusty doggy urges. Not the ideal time for searching for Ladies – about set to give up and head home, our doggy duo spy Rosita; ZDT inquires if the Lady is available for pet pleasure, Rosita accepts.

Rosita is quite young, I’d guess 19 or 20 – a Latin lass with soft curves and a sweet smile. All the sweeter since the Lady has braces! I can’t remember releasing a movie with a Lady with braces before (maybe Bonnie?). Gives the Lady a real college girl look – I got a kick out of that and I reckon many of you fine folks will too

Now due to her youthful age and lack of experience, Rosita is a little shy. Maybe a touch of stage nerves, or perhaps the prospect of taking the first dog up into her cunny. It’s quite endearing, and besides, Sam has experience enough for the both of them. The young Chica is there to satisfy the dog – shy or not, duty calls.

Rosita excuses herself, and slips into something more comfortable for her first dog experience. ZDT grabs some cheeky voyeur footage of the pet newbie as she strips down and mentally prepares herself for her first real mating. It’s a special time for any young Lady, and it’s only a matter of time before she has a dog inside her…

The Lady need not worry about any lack of confidence – Sam takes the lead and shows Rosita the way. Sam is quick to dive in and inspect her software, Rositas skimpy thong is no match for Sams skilled tongue. Our hero stimulates Rositas sex into a state of preparedness, that fella knows how to enjoy a Lady by now…

Rosita is completely new to dog love, fortunately ZDT is an excellent trainer. Sam is an experienced lovehound, all in all the Lady is in good hands (and paws). And let’s not forget, the Lady is Latina, so has the raw natural talent working in her favor. It doesn’t take Sam long to claim Rositas slick sex, as he mounts and smoothly makes her his.

The Ladys age and lack of experience can clearly be seen with one glance at her perfect, pink little untrodden pussy. This vagina is fresh from the bakery, and almost has the factory seal still intact. Lucky Sam fills her flower with hot red dog cock, sinking a deep knot and taking full advantage of the tight little box. The lovers stay connected for a good long tie, the tight seal keeping all his creamy goodness locked and flowing inside his mate. That dog cock looks superb tied up in Rositas snug snatch.

The Ladys sex is so tight, she almost seems reluctant to let go of Sams swollen dog shaft. Sadly all good matings must come to an end, and eventually Sam eases his still-erect tool out of the Lady. With a gush, his canine seed explodes from Rositas vagina, leaving no question how satisfied Sam is with the Ladys performance. No soaking this time sadly – Rosita is new after all – still the amount of dog juice flowing out of the starlet does clearly demonstrate how much sperm Sam typically injects into a Lady, and therefore, just how much juice a Lady can absorb when she DOES soak it all up

I quite like the view of Sams still-hard cock nestling against her freshly-bred vagina, as his seed slowly trickles from inside her. Cute young pussy and hard dog cock, I think we can all get behind that combination…

ZDT has an after-chat with Rosita to get her feedback about her first dog experience. The Ladys body language suggest she is a bit phased by her first time – it’s understandable, one minute you’re a regular gal, the next your pussy is for pets. It’s quite common for new Pet Girls to be a bit dazed after their first experience. Rosita need not worry – once the novelty and the cameras are gone, she can start to fondly remember the first time she was fucked by a dog. And we very much hope it won’t be her last time either, a doggy box like that is simply too good to waste

There is plenty of interview type chatter throughout this movie, English subtitles provided. It’s always a pleasure to know what’s going through a Ladys mind, as the dog runs wildly through her body. Another text-book perfect casting session from ZDT, great work finding this cute young pet peach, and great work getting her bred nicely. It’s an experience she won’t forget in a hurry, and it’s a great pleasure to join her during her first time. Enjoy ZDT and Sam, as they get to work taming Rosita

Scene: Taming Rosita
Producer: ZDT
Models: Rosita with Sam
File: mp4
Size: 1610 MB
Duration: 00:28:31
Resolution: 1920x1080

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