BeastSex 2020 The Legend Of Olympus - Ashley - Wishful Fantasy

The Legend Of Olympus - Ashley - Wishful Fantasy

The first movie she made is her first public appearance. The experience she has is great, however she has never recorded any scene before. Simply she hasn’t made a public appearance until now.

She wanted to present herself in public, and people to enjoy watching her, so all of you have the possibility to watch her first movie.

The movie isn’t long, but it’s of a quite sufficient length for you to meet her and to enjoy watching the events.

During the shooting, there was a plan and agreement, however everything went spontaneously. After taking a shower, she went out wearing a towel. We planned to make an opening scene, cuddling, etc. but Torres began to hump her savagely. He just didn’t allow anything else to happen but the beginning of sex. Throughout the entire game, she was trying to calm him down with words, but it was futile. The camera was turned on and the movie started…

After a short game and cuddling, Ashley takes him to another room, where she has prepared a cushion for her knees. As soon as they entered the room, she immediately went doggy style and teased him with her slim and attractive butt. He humped her clawing her back… He kept trying to find her warm place and put his big cock in it. Many times he poked her pussy and already marked it with his scent…

Ashley was talking to him, enjoying while addressing him. Her voice is a big plus for this scene. Given that she is a short girl, her butt was untouchable for his height. But at one point, as if she knew when exactly to do it, she got her butt higher, and let him sink into her warm and wet pussy. She started to moan so loudly and so passionately that the whole apartment was ringing with her voice… Her moans can tell how much she enjoyed it!

Her next movie is already in preparation and I hope you will enjoy everything she offers you.

Scene: Wishful Fantasy
Model: Ashley
Studio: The Legend Of Olympus
File: mp4
Size: 792 MB
Duration: 00:12:23
Resolution: 1920x1080

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