BeastSex 2020 Tigerlily - Hard Dog Life 1

Tigerlily - Hard Dog Life 1

"Hard Dog, Hard Lovin'..."

You’ll have to excuse an old man and his memoirs. If you met this Lady on the street you would most likely think she was crazy. Unless dolled up of course, then you might think something else. But, oftentimes she will pop round wearing an old man’s tatty flat cap and jacket that She’s borrowed off some old tourist dude. She’s a bit out there. Her company is compelling, by way of her life story. I will write a book about that one day. Until then, a preface…

In Hindu philosophy, it’s said that everyone has their place and purpose in the general Gaia scheme of things. The Universe makes good people, bad people. Infinite variety. In that philosophy, it’s recommended to just be yourself – ‘dark side’ or otherwise – as the Universe designed you to be.

As opposed to being genuinely unpleasant and pretending to be something else. Which of course, we see a lot of these days…

It’s a perspective, I will leave such judgments to you. But it’s a valid point of view. We do indeed learn by falling. The harder we fall, the bigger the lesson.

Fact is, the TigerLily case file – the Universe has gone to some extraordinary lengths, to pile a fair few life lessons into this little Lady’s in-tray. Fucking horror story of a life. We’ve had some tough times ourselves yes. But no matter what shit happens – compared with this Lady’s life, anything else would seem like Disneyland. It puts things in perspective…

Sent to an orphanage as a child – then trafficked. Then got out – then trafficked again. Escaped, then sent to prison – broke out of prison, Shawshank style. When about 8 years old – being bussed between orphanages – leaps off the top of a moving bus to see if landing like a cat is as easy as it looks. Survived of course but landed with a thud. Her daughter was kidnapped and trafficked. Then untrafficked, with a little help from her friends. More recently, Her love cuts his own throat in front of her, with the shards of a broken mirror. Yes, the Universe has really thrown some heavy shit at this Lady…

My favorite TigerLily story is the one where She is scared of lightning. Being the uneducated educated logical white guy, I said don’t be scared of lightning Lady it’s just loud electricity far away. No Ba. Standing at a bus stop, watching as 2 people got hit by lightning. Full on. Bang – fried, toast. She said they were both twitching, foaming at the mouth, not pretty. Now. We’ve all heard of people getting hit by lightning and surviving. The odds of actually looking at someone nearby, the moment the lightning strikes – zapped like a bug – those are long odds.

Imagine living in a Universe where the Hand of God is a reality. Bang. No, I’m not scared of the noise Ba I’m scared about being zapped. I stand corrected.

And yet, despite it all, the Lady still smiles and finds happiness. There is a lesson there for all of us, I reckon. Consider some of these things perhaps, next problem you have…

When I met this Lady She was a broken flower. Robbed, raped, beaten, abused at every turn. A splash of pet magic later – now nobody bothers Her. Now a respected Kung Fu troublemaker on Her turf. Discovering Her inner Lady Werewolf, and the power of the Pet Pussy, really did change this Lady’s life. You kinda see why the TigerLily takes Her Pet Love so very seriously. Not many drops spilled here. It really is the Red Pill.

Of course, thanks to all you good people who supported Her movies, and wrote nice comments. I read them to the Lady, and they are appreciated. A bit of TLC from friends can make a world of difference. Good work people. Together, we do change the world, even if just a bit.

Just a basic no-frills training movie this one, fuck, knot, suck – reflected in the price. Part 2 is with Dangerous, coming shortly. It’s the Hard Dog Life for this Lady, and I expect all Her Pet Sisters around our world are thinking likewise. You go you PetGurlz you, we’re behind you all the way. All the way. Us, and those doggies. Enjoy Bullseye enjoying exotic Pet Girl TigerLily, that lucky devil

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