BeastSex 2020 Tigerlily - Take the Cake

Tigerlily - Take the Cake

"Doggy Juice - just the Icing on the Cake..."


A small diversion from the norm, in the latest episode of TigerLily’s Dog Sex Adventures. Thanks to a great Custom Patron, for giving us the opportunity to try some new stuff. It’s what Teamwork is all about

In Take the Cake, we make a small sidestep – into a cake. We did some research, a while back – about fetishes and such. By FAR, the most popular 2 sexual fetishes, were FOOT, and FOOD. And, both about the same. FOOt and FOOd – there’s serendipity for you. What does it mean? How the fuck should I know?

I DO know, we are receiving more and more requests for foot stuff. So in this movie, we have a little paddle in foot/food/trampling etc. To see, how many of you good Folks like that kinda fun. If you do? Well, we’ll see shan’t we? And if you do, we’ll do more…

It is an AoZ movie, mind – and that nice Pet Pussy comes first Bullseye sits, and stares patiently bug eagerly, for those panties to come off. He can’t get rid of those things quickly enough…

A bunch of good mounts from Bullseye, I counted at least 3. Those Doggy humps shake through TigerLily, as She bounces back into each thrust. Some knotting, some sucking. Doggy ices the Lady up very nicely…

After sucking the juice out of a nice swollen dog cock, the Lady – VERY gently – takes his cock between her feet. Lets him squirt his jizz over, splash, and trickle down Her tootsies…

Feet (and vagina) still damp with doggy dew, we pull out a creamy cake. The Lady proceeds to walking through, trampling and squishing said cake. Such a sticky mess!

I know Producers, who’ve produced (a whole lot of) animal sex movies – but who aren’t actually into animal sex. So they don’t actually know what it is we want to see in an animal sex movie. That, results in a load of movies that we don’t really want to see. Which – to me – seems a bit daft. But hey…

One of the reasons we haven’t crossed over much into other fetishes over the years, is because they are not my ‘thing’ personally, so I don’t understand how you’d like to see things done. The ‘right’ way. I have watched a bunch of foot and trampling videos etc, I think I have a rough idea of what you like. If not – if you think it could be improved by X,Y and Z, please feel free to pop a comment down the bottom there

Having squished the cake, the Lady proceeds to smear it all over Her – feet, legs – pussy. We don’t like to be wasteful. And, what Doggy doesn’t like Pet Lady dipped in doggy cake? No dog – that’s who

Bullseye and Dangerous, get to work cleaning up all that yummy cake. Licking the platter clean. Doggy tongues fly all over, hoovering up the tasty mess from every inch of the tasty Lady…

When everything is cleaned up, Dangerous steps in for a play with the Lady. He’s such a big doggy.

I believe this shoot, was not long after a heavy anal knotting shoot with Dangerous and TigerLily. So, sadly Dangerous did not have full 100% doggy-oomph for this shoot. The Lady is having some trouble getting him in. They keep trying, but eventually Dangerous ends up with a big boner. Still plenty of action in the rest of the movie though, don’t forget…

TigerLily goes to work on that great big doggy boner – and it is big, too. Giving it a good suck, and tease, before finishing off the fun, with a nice doggy-footjob.

There you have it Gang. Plenty of doggy action, plus some bonus foot/food action, to see how you like it. Thanks again to our Custom Patron – everyone else, have fun seeing TigerLily taking the Cake

Scene: Take the Cake
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