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BeastSex 2020 Wanwan - Chinese Burn

Wanwan - Chinese Burn

China Doll WanWan gives us our first taste of Chinese Pet Love

Ok – you Chinese Members can finally stop asking me On our worldwide tour of Petlove Adventures, we pop yet another pin in the AoZ map this month. Our first Verified Chinese Pet Lady, quickly followed by another AoZ first – introducing WanWan, a petite Chinese Pet Girl taking her first hard dogging. Yet more evidence to support our theory that – whilst cultures may vary wildly – people are still people. And Pet Girls will always be Pet Girls, and delightful, no matter where they are from.

Chinese petlove is an exciting turn of events though. Although WanWan is not physically IN China for this movie – probably wise – the Lady is head-to-toe Chinese. So then, let’s see what a Chinese Pet Girl can do with a horny dog…

The movie begins with DaChat’s trademark ‘Public Petstuff’ – WanWan unwraps the Pet Pussy for our inspection. Very nice – dark and exotic, this vagina looks more than capable of bringing a dog off inside her. Which is the plan, of course.

It’s a bit chilly outside – WanWan warms up with a big doggy dildo. This shape fits the Lady nicely. With a doggy print on her hip, and a pawprint on her ass, there can be no question who this pussy is for, today…

Entering the session, doll-faced WanWan strips down and gives Gunner a glimpse of pleasures to come. Gunner does not need to be asked twice, pinning the Lady down and desperately trying to get his doggy cock in her any way he can. He’ll have to be a bit patient, it’s the Lady’s first experience in dog mating, and it’s all a bit strange WanWan is clearly a bit shy and coy – then, Chinese Ladies do coy very well…

The lovers get off to a rocky start. Gunner is very demanding, and not really giving the Lady a chance to get her positions right. WanWan feels his impending cock sliding across her back, a prelude of things to cum.

When Gunner eventually takes her, he really does take her. Sinking his cock into the China doll, he goes hard and rocks her dizzy. The dog thrusting and squirting into her vagina, WanWan experiences a real mating she won’t quickly forget…

Enthusiastic Gunner doesn’t just hard hump the Lady. Much to her surprise, the dog has buried a big knot into her vagina. WanWan receives the full service during this session – a fat knot owning her pussy, as the dog pumps her full of his canine cream. That knot seems to suit the Lady very nicely – our Chinese Pet Sisters, do please take note

Next up – sucking on a nice juicy dog cock. Now, if you’ve frequented your fair share of Chinese bordellos, you may be forgiven for thinking that ‘the blowjob’ is as everyday in China, as it is in the West. It really isn’t – sucking cock kinda takes a back seat when you are trying to not get murdered by communist tyrants. But I digress.

For many Chinese Ladies, sucking cock is actually quite a big deal. Sucking on DOG cock? I expect that would not compute for most Chinese folks. Luckily, WanWan does not falter. There is a dog cock that needs sucking, and she is the Lady for the job. She gives Gunner a good going over with her lips and tongue, teasing the jizz out of him. As with most new Pet Ladies, doggy drinking is something to work up to. Still, WanWan does manage to drink some down during the suck scene. That doggylove can be thirsty work sometimes…

WanWan returns the next day, for a bit more doggy action. A 2-day flow is a marvelous start for a Pet Girl, and Gunner is more than happy to oblige. Seems our Hero has a bit of a thing for Asian Babes. WanWan dutifully receives his love, in true doggy style…

The second-day shoot also has a nice french kissing scene, for kissing fans. It wraps up with an interview with WanWan, where we get to hear her take on her first experiences, and becoming a Pet Girl. If I’m honest, I actually have not seen the subtitles yet! But I am very interested to hear what the Lady has to say, and I expect I’m not alone

WanWan really throws herself into the doglove in this movie. Enjoy our first real Chinese Pet Pussy – and XieXie Lady, 你他媽的狗很好

Producer: DaChat
Models: WanWan with Gunner
Site: artofzoo.com
Scene: Chinese Burn

File: mp4
Size: 1450 MB
Duration: 00:29:17
Resolution: 1920x1080

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