BeastSex 2020 Yasmin And Ariel - Calvins Girls

Yasmin And Ariel - Calvins Girls

Text written by Ariel - for beautiful Yasmin.

I was so happy to have Yasmin with me again. She is truly a wonderful person.

This time I wanted to present my new lover to her. My Calvin, an enormous animal, the best lover in the world. You've already met him and know what I'm talking about.

She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to feel him. While we kissed, I felt she was wet between the legs. Her pussy wanted to feel as soon as possible a large amount of sperm that he was ready to give.

We sat down on the bed and began to make out. I love making out very much. I love that sense of togetherness. It’s all easy with her.

After that, I got up and let Calvin in the room. Upon entering, he was in awe, because he saw two women hungry for his dick. He felt that she was a new woman and wanted to try her. I put a jacket on her back and he started to hump her. She accepted his “courtship” and placed her butt so that he could enter her well. I believe she was thrilled when she realized what a good lover he was.

Calvin is such that, when he finds his place, he doesn’t come out until we finishes the job, and of course, until he satisfies the woman. His sperm immediately began to drip out of her, and he swirled his dick deep inside her. Yasmin enjoyed herself, sighing loudly, climaxing on his dick and this fantastic sex. Leaned on her back, he was doing his job and enjoying himself. I couldn’t stop watching this fantastic scene. I was touching my pussy and enjoying myself while streams of sperm were pouring out of her pussy. I had seen it before, but in videos. This was something really special for me.

I put my hands under her pussy and felt the sperm filling my hands. I kept touching her pussy that was all wet and foamy. Yasmin expressed her pleasure loudly, and I tried to help her out in that even more. I rubbed her pussy so hard that his sperm turned into cream. It was all full of cream and gel, and it was a real enjoyment to witness this whole situation.

When Calvin finished his job, he came out of her. She remained on her knees, squeezing his sperm out of her pussy. I knew she would be squeezing his sperm out of her body for the next two days. I touched myself the whole time, because I wanted to see this beauty that was being created before my eyes.

I received a wonderful “Thank you” from satisfied Yasmin. I felt we were in seventh heaven. She because she enjoyed herself with Calvin, and I because I witnessed truly amazing scenes.

Dear Yasmin, thank you for sharing immense happiness and satisfaction with me. :). I can’t wait for the next time to work together with you.

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