BeastSex 2020 Yasmin - Wildlife

Yasmin - Wildlife

A beautiful spring day made for some interesting things. Our beautiful Yasmin thinks like that when she takes her dog out for a walk. There is nothing more beautiful than sex away from all views, in the woods, while the sun caresses the body and every drop glistens.

She took a blanket and made a really great day for herself and Brian. After a sweet game of stick throwing, she spread the blanket, letting him know what she wanted. He understood and then he started sniffing her, trying to hump her. She took off her pants and let him sniff and lick her. This is such a wonderful feeling, his coarse tongue on her sensitive clitoris. She positioned her body, in an attempt to make his tongue go into her pussy as deep as possible.

He licked her juices diligently and, at one point, he started to hump her. We all know her beautiful pussy and know how deep it is and eager to receive a dog’s dick. Brian skillfully found his way in and began to fuck her. The first time he failed to enter into her with all his length, but his sperm was spilled down her thighs.

The second time he entered her entirely and, at one point, he calmed down, and only the red root of his dick was visible. In such a situation, we can only imagine the amount of sperm that was pumped into her pussy. That dense and beautiful fluid that threatened to burst out of her like an explosion.

Brian was quiet in her, patiently waiting for the time when she would throw his knot out of herself and let that beautiful liquid from her cunt to be poured over her beautiful pussy and thighs.

That was exactly what happened at the time when he fell out of her and stayed in front of her pussy in his full size. His sperm began to pour all over her, and droplets were glistening like diamonds.

She lowered her head and began to suck his dick. She wanted to swallow even the last drop and not let it fall to the ground.

I believe this was a very interesting morning in her life. Because we all know how exciting sex in nature is.

Scene: Wildlife
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